Selling your home?



Do your researches before you get on the market to sell your home in New Zealand as the market might have changed ever since you first bought your home. It is good to have a good knowledge of the area you live in and go to open homes to get a good idea of what the houses are selling for in the market of 2018. If you have a salesperson helping you out then get him/her to get you the recent information on the housing market. To get a good understanding of the market it would be beneficial to also get a list of houses sold recently in your area. Your salesperson again can provide you with this information.

Know the need of people and what they are looking for. For example, elder couples might want to live in a quiet neighbourhood as to the young ones. Different people, age groups have different needs when it comes to buying a house.


Attraction for buyers

First impression is the last impression and the buyers will judge the house by the first look from the road. If it attracts the buyer from the front it surely will make them come in and check out the rest of the house. So ensure to make the front of your house very attracting to the buyers.

Tips on attracting the buyers from the very first impression

  • Give the lawn a fresh new cut
  • Clean around the house and your fence
  • Make the garden look attractive with some flowers
  • Paint the house if needed to be
  • Water blast the concrete/walls

Once they enter your front door it comes to the decoration and the cleanliness to attract them further to get interest into the property.


Getting the house ready inside

Before the house goes on the market and you start having your open homes, it’s the perfect opportunity to declutter and have the house clean. Try storing all your unwanted items in a self-storage and make the house look spacey and big. The last thing you want is to have a home that is full of unwanted items all over the floor and making the space you have looking very small and unattractive to the buyers. This will be a great start to having the house items packed before you move onto your new property as well.

  • Clean the whole house from walls, skirting’s, roofs, and every little corner
  • Carpet to be looking spotless if you have one
  • Every buyer who is interested looks at your cupboards and closets, so have them clean



All those little touch ups you thought of fixing and had left them for last are now due. It is time to fix up the little patches and get a good return on your little investment.  It could be fixing the fence, doors, holes, dirty or ripped old wallpaper, Paint, and any leaking issues if there are any. The buyers will be looking at these things closely and would not be interested if the find holes and leaky bathrooms. These things are little of cost and so easy to fix.

Get your repairs done before the house goes on market and invest a little to get a greater profit. Do not leave it to the last minute.


Make it presentable to the buyer

 Remove all your personal belongings from the house and make it look alike a show home, so that buyers don’t feel put off by coming across your family pictures or other personal stuff. The house should be professionally decorated and set up for viewing purposes. It might help to buy in a house decorator to help set it up and it surely will attract more buyers.


Happy moving everyone J The Moving Squad



Tips on cleaning your house in spring (New Zealand)

Spring cleaning is a respected method to expel winter blues and redecorate your home. So many advantages after cleaning your house and making it look different and cosier; you get as much mental advantage from spring cleaning as your home procures stylishly.


It is very common in New Zealand to become lazy over the winter period for most of us individuals. Most of us individuals turn the heat on at home and just become lazy after a long day at work. This ads to the house not being clean and leads to us coming home and getting into our comfort zone. So, spring is the best time for cleaning your house and make use of the school holidays and get your kids to help out with the cleaning.


Rooms and closets

Start with your bedding, wash and stash winter bedding and replace with the summer bed linen. If it is possible to achieve then change the position of your bed in the room and make it feel like you are coming home to a new bedroom with a different view.
Empty out your drawers and expel the things that are not required anymore, wipe clean and arrange remaining items utilizing cabinet holders/dividers. Be heartless! Keep just the things that fit in well, look great and make yourself feel extraordinary.


Kids’ rooms

This is where you can get your kids in to help and make the cleaning job easier. Little individuals’ rooms can rapidly end up chaotic. The best remedy to kid mayhem is to get sorted out with fun and adaptable stockpiling with the help of your kids. Issue instructions to the kids and get them to sort out their toys by keeping the floor clear and making use of crates/tubs for books, toys, shoes, etc.

Get some label holders and organize things as often as possible utilized things within simple reach. Add a clothing crate for all the dirty clothes to be stored and ready for a wash over the weekend. And be a little generous by selling, giving away or reusing unused or outgrown toys and garments.



The kitchen is the most used part of your house and often one that gets dirty over and over. It is time to wash your kitchen dividers, roofs, fridge top and bottom, microwaves, ovens and etc with hot water and a kitchen cleaning liquid that best fits you.
Sort out the things together with putting the most used items in the top drawers and expel other items not in use or broken over time. Get rid of the expired items in your cabinets and fridge etc. Empty and clean ice chest and defrost the cooler if necessary.
Give away unnecessary silverware and unused little machines that are in great working request.



Washrooms are also very important part of your everyday use within the house, so make sure to give it a good clean overall. Empty out washroom cupboards, expelling terminated pharmaceuticals and old makeup. Discard securely. Arrange substance by putting away comparative things together
Clean the grout and replace any broken seals around shower, toilet seat, or bowl. Use a glass cleaner to wash the glass and other roof cleaning substances to clean the roof of your washroom. The roof may require a repaint as the steam building up from the hot showers leaves the roof in paint clips falling off.
Last but not least add a vase of fragrant crisp blossoms for a nice fresh feeling.


Front rooms

These are rooms you would most likely use for relaxation and entertainment with the family after a long day at work or simply over the weekend. Rearrange the couches, TV, Coffee table, if possible to do so, as this can make a big difference to the relaxation of your mind and not have to come home to the same old boring lounge all year around. If conditions permit, consider adding an indoor plant to make a much-needed refresher in what can be a bustling space.


Clean out all the items in the rooms and give the carpets and roofs also a good clean to ensure you enter the room feeling fresh.

Arrangements in the new home


Moving to another home has put forward another chance to begin once more and inhale another life into your new living condition. It’s additionally a perfect time for you to apply some new thoughts and amplify the stream of positive vitality in your new home. What’s more, prepare to have your mind blown. The manner in which how you orchestrate your living space may fundamentally impact your state of mind. Things being what they are, animating positive vibe in your home doesn’t require spending excessively cash. With a touch of organizing, de-jumbling and revamping you can make an ideal agreement subsequent to sinking into another home.

By executing simple methods you may adjust your home inside to your own vitality and state of mind. Making an upbeat and sound condition that influences you to feel good is urgent to your passionate prosperity. Besides enriching your new home, such methods may enable you to accomplish adjust and convey satisfaction and favourable luck to your new home.


Room design and furniture arrangement does make a difference

The main room (Lounge) is apparently a standout amongst the most imperative premises in the house every relative appears inclined towards. Things being what they are, it has a tendency to be the main room we connect with in the wake of going into the house.
When choosing the best course of action of the furniture, you might need to decide the fundamental capacity of your family room. Will you utilize it for associating with your visitors, eating suppers, staring at the TV, unwinding? So as to make congruity and adjust around you, make a point to alter your living condition to your own needs.


Making a mess free new home
Leave enough space for an appropriate vitality stream. Since mess and bedlam are normally joined by terrible vibes, you might need to free up some space in any case. Beginning once again in another house offers an ideal chance to relinquish every one of those pointless or undesirable things. Encircle yourself with the articles that bring you bliss and pleasant recollections. In the event that something triggers terrible recollections or uneasiness, don’t dither to dispose of it with the end goal of your enthusiastic prosperity. Then again, a messiness free home looks clean and actuates quietness and positive vitality.
Home stockpiling is regularly considered as an obstruction for the vitality stream. Along these lines, in the event that you are moving to a little studio flat, exploit the space-sparing, multipurpose furniture.


Set up some craftsmanship
Strangely enough, the situation of your work of art might be straightforwardly related to the condition of your enthusiastic and physical wellbeing. Pick workmanship as per the reason for the rooms: unwinding and sexy pieces for rooms, while enthusiastic fine art ought to be put in parlor or office space. Important pieces should bring out bliss, solace and profound association with your living space. Additionally, remember that finding an ideal harmony amongst craftsmanship and void dividers can represent the moment of truth your methods for setting up at new home.


Natural Lighting to be welcomed
Whatever your insides plan maybe, utilize your windows to their maximum capacity to let some outside air and characteristic light in. All things considered, it’s an imperative yet economical plan component anybody can fuse subsequent to moving to another home.
Known to everyone, there is a great deal of physical and mental advantages of the immediate daylight. Presentation to daylight may support your state of mind and help you remain engaged and inspired for the duration of the day. Notwithstanding, if your room doesn’t have guide access to normal daylight, you may select different indoor light sources to welcome great vitality.

Making money mistakes when looking to buy your new home?

Everyone loves to have that stash of cash sitting in your bank account and always going back to check the account balance to get that rich feeling and being happy. As you start looking for your new home the money sitting in your bank account will soon be disappearing and most of us make the big mistake of not using the cash wisely! So take a step back and think about the savings you have. Burning through cash can be overpowering, particularly with regards to spending a lot of it. You need to ensure you’re spending the perfect measure of cash with regards to obtaining a home and here are some cash botches we recommend you stay away from when acquiring a home:

1. The cost isn’t the main factor
The cost of a home can truly represent the deciding moment of choice; however you ought to dependably consider other central point to guarantee you’re settling on the correct choice. A house that is near the maximum of your financial plan might be justified, despite all the trouble in the event that it accompanies what you’re searching for, yet in the event that its cost exceeds everything else; it may be insightful to investigate different alternatives. Again ensure to be within limits and get the best bang for your buck.

2. Don’t just buy to buy
Maybe you’ve been hunting down a home for some time now, and you may feel just as your next home is no place in sight. Don’t rush into things and ignore the costs that may throw you down track. Try not to utilize these sentiments as a way to race to buy a home you don’t really cherish. Ensure you buy a home you adore, in light of the fact that it could be yours for the following 20-40 years!

3. Choosing the wrong home loan
Anchoring a preapproved advance can spare you a great deal of time with regards to getting a home loan. Be that as it may, seeing whether you’re prequalified isn’t sufficient to anchor the correct home loan. It’s vital you’re cautious while choosing a home loan, so ensure you do your exploration and address an educated home loan proficient. Make a wise choice and spend your money wisely.

4. Underestimating genuine expenses
Numerous individuals neglect to legitimately spending plan the genuine cost of a home. There are more things that factor into the full cost. Conceivable moving expenses, credit applications charges, contract protection thus substantially more go into the full cost of a home, so it’s savvy to spending additional cash to guarantee you can manage the cost of your turn and buy!

5. Going past your financial plan
When setting your financial plan, it’s best to remain inside it. A home may feel ideal for you when you see it, however its expenses might be more than you might suspect. Homes over your value range can abandon you with less cash to alter or revamp. Remaining under spending abandons some space for you to be innovative or put aside cash for any unanticipated conditions. There is a lot to calculate before taking such a risk. Ensure you are within your limits and capability to bounce back if things don’t go as planned.

The ideal home is practically around the bend. Do not lose hope and keep searching for the beautiful home you have always dreamed off. The longer it takes the better as you could be revving up your bank account with all the savings. It takes time and patience to find the good things in life. Everything occurs for the better, so just wait and watch. Happy moving everyone 

Tips on keeping warm this winter

June, July and August are our winter months here in New Zealand with an average temperature of 10-15 degrees Celsius. In the North temperatures are slightly mild with sunny days in the three months in winter. In the South Island, frost and snowfall is very common bringing in the cold temperatures. New Zealand is a travel destination all year along and in winter the South Island ski season is world class with tourists arriving from all over the world.

Obviously couple of layers of clothing shall keep you warm throughout winter but do carry an extra when you head to the mountains and ski fields. Fleece clothing on a calm and dry day would best suit you with water or windproof covering on top so that you don’t get it wet and get even colder. Fleece material being breathable will not stop the wind flowing in or the insulating if it does rain. Warmers are also very helpful in keeping warm over the winter for your upper body and lower body.
Let’s list a few other tips for keeping warm this winter

1. Warm yourself first (body heat)

Before you go turn on your heaters, heat-pumps, thermostats etc, dress yourself in multiple layers. It is time to take out your warmers clothes for the extra layers you will need to cover yourself throughout this winter. Let’s start with wearing a warm hat to keep your head and brain warm before the cold hits the head and you eventually turn sick. Take out your warm winter gloves for your hands to keep warm. Wear a warm scarf around your neck to keep that cold away. Let us not forget about our feet as they are very important part of your body to keep warm in winter, so put on your warm woolen socks. A nice big puffy Kathmandu jacket will always be a good investment. It is light and very warm and it traps the heat hence keeping your body warm.

2. Let in the sunshine

Sunny days in winter are very rare, so every time it is sunny try making the most of it and whether it is inside the house or outside. It’s always good to soak up the heat transferred by a natural source and make good use of it. While you are at home do ensure to open your curtains in the morning to let the sun shine through the windows and supply the natural heat to house. At night times try covering all the gaps to make sure the heat does not escape and this way it could work out very cheap and efficient, instead of having expensive heat pumps installed.

3. Hot drinks (Healthy)

Yes, winter brings in all the cravings for a nice cup of hot chocolate while you are snuggled in bed. Let’s not get carried away and chug down unhealthy drinks that will not have a good effect on your health and especially won’t be looking any good in summer either. So, replace such unhealthy hot drinks during winter with the healthy ones such as the hot lemon water to start of your day right. Hot lemon water has many good health effects on your health. Try replacing a normal cup of tea with ginger tea, which has tons of healing properties.

4. Heat pumps

Heat pumps are becoming more and more common in New Zealand as the usage increases to over 25% of New Zealanders having heat pumps. It can be expensive to begin with, but once you have a heat pump installed you could save in the future as it is very cost effective in the long run. Heat pumps are a good alternative to the expensive electric heating systems. Heat pumps do not generate heat, because they move the heat from outside and to the inside of the house keeping your warm over winter and in summer it moves cold air inside and becomes efficient as you can use it in summer or winter.

Happy moving everyone and stay warm 😊

Cost factors when moving

 Over the past years The Moving Squad has made its brand awareness across New Zealand and helped thousands of New Zealanders move from A to B. It can never be easy moving houses and business in a busy city like Auckland. When moving houses/businesses across Auckland, one of the main factors is cost and the question that arises is “Will the moving be within my budget”? The Moving Squad has been around for many years and has built its trust with customers as many of them return for our services in the future.

The cost factor does take into consideration the quality of service provided by many different moving companies in Auckland and hence why our customers pick us due to the reliability and quality of our service. The costs set for different services that are provided have been researched and are within the price range, so it’s neither expensive or cheap. If you are looking for cheap movers in Auckland I suggest you look out for the quality of the service being provided.


How to pick the right company for your next move?

It totally depends on what you require from the company? Are your assets fragile, expensive, heavy etc. Take note if you are wanting to move such valuable assets then check to see if the company provides any assurance for the move to be safe and of high standards with staff being trained to move such assets with care.

Some of the moving companies in Auckland use the phrase “Cheap movers Auckland” to engage the Audience and most of us defiantly fall for the word cheap, but are the companies reliable for the damages they will encounter in the move? What these companies don’t tell you is the quality of their service and hidden traps behind the move which may end up costing you more than you actually pay for the moving on its own.


Things to consider when picking the right company for your next move!

The companies listing “Cheap Movers Auckland” are basically attracting you to the word cheap and customers get dragged in only to find out the hidden surprises that come with the word cheap! The services that these movers provide will consist of cost cutting techniques such as low-quality packing material being used, no experience with the labor being supplied and no training provided to carry out a safe and quality move. End of the day the companies want to make money and they will use such cost cutting techniques that favor in their profit.


So watch out for such companies and their tricks and ensure the company you choose will provide a high quality move that will have your assets moved with zero damages and not have you face any hidden costs. The moving company needs to assure you that it is safe with them and you can totally trust the company with your valuable assets.


Some factors to consider!

  • Can you trust the company?
  • Does the cost match up to their services?
  • Insurance?
  • Trained employees?
  • Packing services provided?
  • Reviews on the company?
  • Trustable?
  • Quality of the service?


Moving in Auckland or around the country is very stressful as you have your family to look after, your job, kids or maybe even business commitments. Do some research and then hand over your assets into a trustable hand that will take care of all your assets being moved across.

The staff at The Moving Squad is fully trained and provides high quality moving with fast and efficient transition from A to B. The team strives on providing high quality service to build trust with our customers. So, make the right decision and good luck with your future endeavors.


Happy moving everyone.

Thinking about moving to Auckland?

The Auckland housing market has come to a halt as many of us believe. The market really surprised everyone in the years 2012-2017 as it raised above expectations and made it super difficult for anyone to buy or invest in the housing market. It took a toll on everyone and especially the first home buyers, who had been saving up to get their foot in the market. Kiwis shifting houses from all over New Zealand to Auckland were also struck by the big rise in house prices and settled for renting a house while saving up for their own home one day.


As we had more and more people moving to Auckland due to job needs, we also had kiwi families scattering across New Zealand where houses were more affordable and the rent was low. It was about time the government did something to slow down the housing market and put restrictions on investors, builders, overseas buyers, house interest rates, deposits etc.


The Moving Squad were also very busy as kiwis were shifting across New Zealand and were also surprised by the housing market going to such high ranks amongst the world. Auckland house prices relative to wages are still very high compared to the rest of the world and the government needs to consider this. The team at moving squad are aware of the house market in Auckland and know that it is much quieter as the year 2018 has begun. The Moving Squad are experts in house moving in Auckland and known as the best moving company amongst other Auckland movers companies.


Housing shortage is another problem that our customers come across and share with us when we help them move around in Auckland. The government took the step to seize the outbound migration, but it does not look like they have the correct data to proceed with. This ban needs to come into place to slow down outbound and inbound migration. Since 2012 the Auckland housing market has worsen created a shortfall of 30,000 homes according to Westpac. Housing shortage is a big factor in house prices rising to such high levels.


Questions you need to ask before buying a house in Auckland

  • How long has the property been on the market?
  • What are the nearby properties selling for?
  • Was the house rented or owner occupied?
  • What is the deposit required?
  • What are the alteration costs if needed?
  • Property boundaries?
  • Any schools zoned in the area?
  • The title and restrictions?
  • Any know issues with the property/damage?


Make visits to open homes around the area you are most interested in buying a home. The best outcome from the visits is the knowledge gained while speaking to different real estate agents and asking questions related to the house as listed above. Every agent having an open home will provide you with a brochure to take away which will list most of the answers you are looking for and it makes it easier while going from one open home to another to compare and look for advantages and disadvantages. Also by taking the brochure home you can expand the interest to other family members and get their point of view on the property. Do as much research as you can to get the best results possible.


Do not hesitate to ask questions from the agent. They are there to sell and it is their job to answer every single question that you put forward. Take the time to look at the property privately and if interested you could take an extra step to get a builder’s inspection done on the house to assure everything is top notch. Get in touch with our team today for the most affordable and cheap house movers Auckland. The best moving company in Auckland.


Happy moving everyone 😊

The Moving Squad




Decorating your new house


Everything is set for the new house you are moving into, but have you thought of the decorations? This is the most important part of the house as it will affect the way you feel inside the house and outside. Decorating the house with such detail can make a big difference on yourself and your visitors. The house on its own will not have much of an impression on anybody unless it is decorated well. Think about the room you are staying in for example, does it look appealing to you? Can you spend the night after work in your room comfortably? If you can jot down ideas on the type of room you want your bedroom to look like and you think that it will make you feel more at home, then do it while you have not moved in, because once you move In there is such little time for you to think about such things and all you want is to set the house up and get on with life.


So in this blog the team here at The Moving Squad will present a few ideas to think about while decorating the house and making your stay at your house more comfortable when you move in. If you are looking for cheap house movers in Auckland then get in touch with our team to help plan in advance.



Think about the style

Brainstorm some ideas on how you perceive your house to look like; modern, traditional, etc. It would not be a good look if you decorate your lounge into a traditional look, but a modern decor for your kitchen. Think of different styles and pick one that you could lay out in the main areas such as kitchen, lounge, guest room, walkways, stairs, guest bathroom and lobby. Each style is different and varies depending on the type of house you have and the layout of it.



Style and placement

Think about decorating one room at a time and get help from your family members on how each member wants there bedroom to look like. Maybe ask them for a picture of the type of room they would prefer, which makes its easier as you go out for shopping and selecting the right products by choice. Having a room inspiration photo is very ideal when moving into the new house and bear in mind you can always make adjustments. To find some interior pictures visit Pinterest where you can select the rooms of your choice and save the picture to get ideas.

Take not of the floor plan and the walls. What type of floor is used and what furniture would best reflect the floor, and wallpaper or paint on the walls matching some of the interior could make a big change in the appearance.



Get rid of the old furniture

Obviously moving into the new house would change your mind set about some of the furniture back in the old house. It won’t all fit into the new plan and might even affect the look of the new house, so be wise and get rid of the furniture that you think will not fit well with the new house plan. You could have a garage sale to make back some of the cash and invest into the new furniture that would better fit in with the new plan. Or simply donate some to the poor.


Moving furniture around is a responsibility for the moving squad and it is our utmost priority to get the furniture to its place safe and in one peace. Happy moving everyone 🙂





Living in Auckland

New Zealand’s largest city Auckland is built in the north of the north island with a population of around 1.6 million and with a growth rate 2.6 percent yearly. Auckland is rated as the 8th most liveable city globally in 2017 measuring several factors related to health care, education, safety, environment and infrastructure. Auckland city is located between two harbours and very well known as the “City of Sails”. Auckland weather provides you beautiful sunlight over the summer and known as one of the sunniest cities in New Zealand. In winter we have shorter days with cold temperatures falling to a low of 3 degrees. Auckland has so much to offer to new residents shifting here, whether it be with family or on your own.


Housing – The choice is yours whether to buy or rent! Auckland has a variety of houses to choose from and with different suburbs the price will fluctuate. You may want to consider renting to start off with and once settled in then you could look at the Auckland house market to invest in a home you will own in this ever-growing city. Make a smart choice by choosing a house that would best fit your requirements such as transporting to work, work to be close to home, shopping nearby, public transport services, etc. The traffic in Auckland is ever increasing and it can take easily an hour to get to work within a 20 – 30 km radius. Traffic is one of the major setbacks for Auckland city and hence why the elder generation shift to the rural areas.


The people and the culture – Auckland is a multi-cultural city with more than 40 percent of the population born overseas and which makes it more diverse then cities such as New York, Sydney and even Los Angeles. This goes to show that Auckland has done well in settling migrants from across the world. The Maori heritage in New Zealand puts us in a very unique place in the world. New Zealand is also well known for tourists and some tourists decide to make a permanent shift to New Zealand as they fall in love with its natural beauty and a very calm lifestyle. The people here are known to be very friendly as per the 2015 expat survey with a score of 94 percent. The cultural festivals take place where people come together and celebrate under the same shelter. The work places also seem to promote cultural festivities as the diversity increases.


Nature and outdoors – New Zealand is well known for its beaches and Auckland alone has beautiful beaches near the coastline. The top 10 beaches in Auckland are Anchor Bay, Orewa, Cheltenham, Piha, Bethells beach, Oneroa, Karekare, Missionbay, Takapuna and Point Chevalier beach. Auckland is also surrounded by beautiful parks and it is the perfect way to explore the beauty of our landscapes. List of few beautiful parks situated around Auckland are Awhitu Regional park, Duder Regional park, Hunua ranes regional park, Tawharanui regional park and Auckland botanic gardens. The islands around Auckland are also a must visit if you love sightseeing and nature. The main Islands that you can catch a ferry to are Waiheke Island, Great Barrier Island, Rangitoto and Motutapu island. New Zealand is a beautiful place to live and explore, providing you with lots of opportunities to take on board.


Are you ready for your move with The Moving Squad? Get in touch with us today 😊



4 Effective tips on keeping the house cool over this summer

Summer is officially here with temperatures rising up to 30 degrees and beautiful long sunny days with plenty of time to hit the beach. It can get very hot inside the house with such high temperatures and humidity. But never the less there are some ways to help keeping your house cool over the summer period and yes cooler the house better the energy and a good night’s sleep not waking up in sweat. Also the kids are very sensitive over the summer nights and can have you up all night with restless periods. So let’s list a few tips for you to consider in this heat.


  1. Ventilation – The first step to keeping your house cool over the summer period is to have ventilation. Open up windows and sliding doors in every single room especially all the windows at the top of the house letting the heat escape which rises from the bottom of the house. So the cool air enters through the bottom of the house and escapes heat that’s built up from the top of the house. You may consider closing the blinds in sunny areas of the house to block the sun and not let heat enter the house. This will keep the room cool by the fresh air reaching inside the room. This is the simplest most effective way for not letting heat build-up inside the house.


  1. Fans – If you are looking for a cheaper and fast alternative to keeping cool then a fan would be your best choice and that’s only if the shops haven’t run out of them already. Now days you can get wireless remote controlled fans making it easier for you to control the fan speed and rotation while you are lying away on the couch or the bed. You can check out the Warehouse, Kmart, Noel Leaming, Harvey Norman etc for best deals.


  1. Heat Pumps – Heat pumps are being installed in almost every single household as they provide heating throughout winter and cooling air conditioner throughout summer keeping the house nice and cool. The main point you would want to consider about a heat pump is the energy efficiency. The recent improvement in heat pumps is the multi split system reaching every room with heated and cool air as desired. Get your hands on one of these right now and check out this page for extra information on heat pumps and their efficiency, Genesis Energy.


  1. Double Glazed Retrofit Windows – Excellent idea for every household to have these fit on every window and glass doors in the house. These Double Glazed windows help in keeping the sun blocked providing less heat and solar radiation to enter the house and while in winter you heat your room it will decrease the amount of warmth lost through the glass. Perfect tip for long term solutions to prevent heat escaping in winter and entering the house in summer. It also provides less condensation eliminating crying damp windows and of course power saving as a bonus.


Season’s greetings from the team here at The Moving Squad and hope you had a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We look forward to extending our services to you over the New Year and will keep striving to be the best moving company in New Zealand as the years go by.  Happy moving everyone