Decorating your new house


Everything is set for the new house you are moving into, but have you thought of the decorations? This is the most important part of the house as it will affect the way you feel inside the house and outside. Decorating the house with such detail can make a big difference on yourself and your visitors. The house on its own will not have much of an impression on anybody unless it is decorated well. Think about the room you are staying in for example, does it look appealing to you? Can you spend the night after work in your room comfortably? If you can jot down ideas on the type of room you want your bedroom to look like and you think that it will make you feel more at home, then do it while you have not moved in, because once you move In there is such little time for you to think about such things and all you want is to set the house up and get on with life.


So in this blog the team here at The Moving Squad will present a few ideas to think about while decorating the house and making your stay at your house more comfortable when you move in. If you are looking for cheap house movers in Auckland then get in touch with our team to help plan in advance.



Think about the style

Brainstorm some ideas on how you perceive your house to look like; modern, traditional, etc. It would not be a good look if you decorate your lounge into a traditional look, but a modern decor for your kitchen. Think of different styles and pick one that you could lay out in the main areas such as kitchen, lounge, guest room, walkways, stairs, guest bathroom and lobby. Each style is different and varies depending on the type of house you have and the layout of it.



Style and placement

Think about decorating one room at a time and get help from your family members on how each member wants there bedroom to look like. Maybe ask them for a picture of the type of room they would prefer, which makes its easier as you go out for shopping and selecting the right products by choice. Having a room inspiration photo is very ideal when moving into the new house and bear in mind you can always make adjustments. To find some interior pictures visit Pinterest where you can select the rooms of your choice and save the picture to get ideas.

Take not of the floor plan and the walls. What type of floor is used and what furniture would best reflect the floor, and wallpaper or paint on the walls matching some of the interior could make a big change in the appearance.



Get rid of the old furniture

Obviously moving into the new house would change your mind set about some of the furniture back in the old house. It won’t all fit into the new plan and might even affect the look of the new house, so be wise and get rid of the furniture that you think will not fit well with the new house plan. You could have a garage sale to make back some of the cash and invest into the new furniture that would better fit in with the new plan. Or simply donate some to the poor.


Moving furniture around is a responsibility for the moving squad and it is our utmost priority to get the furniture to its place safe and in one peace. Happy moving everyone 🙂





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