Tips on how to pack moving boxes

Ready to pack your boxes and move to your new home? Take a step back and see tips on how to pack your moving boxes. This is to ensure your items are securely and safely transported to your new home. We see a lot of people unhappy with items that they find broken inside their packed boxes, and it is all due to wrong packaging of the box. We also find people frustrated with what box has what inside it! Simply because they forgot to label it.

You might be surprised by the number of things that come out of your closet. So, leaving it last minute will have you stuffing them into random boxes and you won’t be able to find anything when arriving at your new place. So, time your packing before the moving day and have it ready for your Auckland movers to load on the truck and transport it.

Don’t worry we are here to make things easier for you as we share our pro tips on how to pack your moving boxes.

Use the right box for the right item

Boxes come in all different types of sizes, thickness, and durability. You must ensure that the item you are packing fits perfectly in the moving box and is not too heavy for the box to break when lifting. Also, ensure that you pack the box with a safe carrying weight for the movers. Safety of your self and the movers is important.

For your fragile items make sure to wrap it first before putting in the box and make sure the box is thick enough to provide protection if box is dropped accidentally.

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Label the box

Labeling the boxes is very important to help you remember what you packed inside it. This is super helpful when you arrive at your new house, and you can simply take the boxes to the correct room to unpack.

After packing and labeling you should secure it with proper tape. Especially when moving to long distances it helps a lot.

It will also help if you can label the box on all sides. For fragile items make sure to label it fragile and handle with care.

Set up a workstation for packing

Before you start packing you should set up a dedicated workstation that can help make things easier for you. Set up a table and put your box on it to pack your item without bending over. You could also be seated while packing the box on the table.

Get professional packers

If you are alone or running out of time and need help with your packing, then hire a moving company that can provide packing services as well. This makes things a lot easier for you and you will have time to constraint on other important things you need to get done when moving houses.

The moving company that provides packing services will also have boxes that you won’t need to worry about buying yourself. They will have appropriate boxes for the items you are moving. So, save yourself some time and hire the right moving company in Auckland for your next move.

Moving to a new house is always exciting but stressful if you don’t plan before the moving day. So, set up your date in the calendar and pack early to avoid any last-minute delays. Get in touch with the best furniture movers in Auckland for your next move.


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