The Moving Squad Moving Tips

The move can be quite a big task whether it is a small office to a large one. If you have the right plan in place things can become much easier and the earlier you do the planning more time for you to focus on scheduling tasks to others helping you with the big move, making it quicker and effortless. Start with selecting a moving company in your area and discuss your plan with them to get an idea of the services they have on offer. The Moving Squad is on top of the list when you think about furniture movers Auckland and offer wide range of services across the country. When it comes to time management, reliability and trust you can count on us with years of experience under the belt. Arrange a meeting onsite to discuss the move, figuring out a mutual moving plan and outline all special requirements beforehand.

Below are some handy tips for the big move. It can all be discussed with your preferable moving company.

Important things before moving – Confirmation of the dates that your moving, office shutdown dates & opening of the new office. Arrange for staff to label their personal items before the move. Think about disconnection or reconnection of your phone systems, computers, fax, cell phones, electricity, internet, etc. Before the move have your notifications sent to the required parties of address change, business name change if applicable & website change if applicable. Consider things like replacement or upgrade that might be required for the changeover such as furniture, IT equipment, electrical equipment etc. Look up furniture movers Auckland or area you are in google search to find the right company for your move.   



Things to consider – General office plan

  • Inventory of all your equipment
  • Security systems – Alarms
  • Air-conditioning
  • Smoke detectors
  • New stationery
  • Business cards
  • New signage in the new office
  • Health and safety requirements



Packing – Before you move packing everything in order is very important. It is ideal to clearly label all items/boxes that are packed with items inside according to the setup of the new office. Below is an example of a sticker type label that could be handy when moving offices. It includes Floor number, Room number, Contents that are inside that box, box number, fragile item or not & lastly is it heavy. This basically covers everything and makes it easier to locate items when setting up at your new location. Desks, chairs, computers and files etc, can be labelled with staff member names for easy identification.

Packing Label

During the move – Delegate a supervisor for the move at your old office location and one at the new office site. The supervisor at the old office can assist the movers and make a checklist of the things that need to be shifted in an order. The supervisor at the new office location can have an office floor layout chart set up with the help of the checklist from the other supervisor, so that process can run smoothly without confusion. Communication is very important in this procedure and can take effect on how well it is managed throughout the move. Once everything has been shifted to the new office and everything is in place according to the office floor layout plan, go through the checklist and make sure everything is ticked off.


After the move – Testing begins! Check everything is up and running such as telephones, internet, gas supply, electricity, computers and etc. Take a detailed tour of the office and assure everything is in place and record any damages that can be noticed. Send notifications to the required parties of the completion of the move. Confirm the change of address corrections made and finally crack open a bubbly, and enjoy!


For any questions/queries you might have, feel free to call or email The Moving Squad – Auckland’s Expert Movers and Packers. We specialise in home and office removals, storage and any other furniture removal requirement you have. Read more about our services here.