Tips on moving on moving houses over Christmas


So it is the festive season and also a beginning of the New Year very soon. Kiwis love this time of the year as work closes down over this period and there is a lot to look forward to. Work parties, house parties, family get together and vacation is all we can think off.  It is time to put the work shoes away as you make the most of the upcoming holidays. For some of us it might be time to pack up and move houses. Don’t worry you will still get time to celebrate and relax while the movers do the job for you. Organise a mover within your area and if not sure then search for one such as Auckland movers or any area you are looking to move around in.


Let’s share some important tips on moving

  1. Have a plan ready

It is important to plan ahead and have a set timeline in order to make the move stress free and easier. Mark up a checklist to tick of as every task gets completed. If you still have stuff to be packed than plan for that as well ahead of the move.

  1. Book your nearest movers (Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch)

The quicker you get the movers booked is better as they are all very busy over this period. Also get it booked first thing as you have plenty of other things to plan for. Some Auckland moving companies also help with packaging and also have packaging material available if requested. Search for quotes from different companies.

  1. Declutter while you can

It would be a big mess if you start moving some unwanted items from the current property to the new property, so take this opportunity to get rid of the items that are not required and the ones that might not be suitable for the new property you are moving into. Declutter or donate them on to some useful people or some friend that might be in need. Ensure you only donate the items that will be in good condition.

  1. Less is more

Do not ever misjudge the amount of items you may have and then leave it for very last minute on the packaging. You might run into some real trouble and might have to book an extra trip to get the items over to the new house. So once again plan ahead and be reasonable.

  1. Weather warnings

Even though here in Auckland, New Zealand we may not experience very bad weather over the Christmas and New Year’s but do keep an eye out for the early weather watch. Things can get much worse if the weather does not behave. Even if moving on hot sunny days make sure to keep that sunblock handy.

  1. Relax

Once you have moved to the new property it is time for you to sit down and relax. Crack open a cold one, you deserve it. If things go according to plan then you can also have the time to enjoy this holiday period with friends and family. It is all about planning and having a deadline for every stage.


This time of the year is very joyful and cheerful. So make sure that you are safe no matter what you are planning to do. Take this time to reflect on the whole year and set goals for the upcoming year. Have a safe Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Happy moving everyone.