Painting the new house

 Congratulations on your new house. It is probably time to crack open a cold one and let it sink in. Some of us might just start unpacking and settling in to the new home, but for the rest of us we start to think about changes. The very first thing that comes to mind is the color of the house inside and outside. Changing the color of the house can make big differences in the way of living and make it feel more of a home you would love to go to after a long day at work.

The main key point for choosing good interior color is to research for colors that can make the space you live in look spacious and large. The light colors can brighten up your house and dark colors will make it look a lot dull. There is a lot to decide once you think about painting your new home and it is totally okay to be nervous while choosing a color as it may appeal to you but not your partner. So if you have decided to color up your new house before you unpack and settle then start your research and choose the best fit colors for your new home. Below we will list a few colors that may provide some help in your selection. The colors below are for interior décor.


Wind Sky (Very Light Blue)

Wind Sky works very well as neutral and it is such a love able shade to have in your new home and also gives a touch of color to the wall. It does not take over the space and is a cool-color providing a natural look and very live atmosphere like. Light blue creates a sense of calm and serenity to the space and works very well with other colors or even brown flooring and grey carpet.


Chamomile (Light Warm Yellowish)

Chamomile is very light warm yellowish color and pairs well with other strong colors such as magenta, yellow, burnt orange, teal etc. White lighting works well with this color and light brown flooring. This is one of the favourites for today’s modern living lifestyle.


Exotic red (Bright)

You will fall in love with this color as you add to your room or even add it to the kitchen cabinets and have the walls maybe crisp white for the exotic red to stand out even more. This color is the one to go for when bringing energy into the house. Be bold with your choice and live bright. If you decide to go exotic red with the kitchen then ensure you have other colors that are light for the red to stand out. A light marble kitchen top works perfect with this exotic red.


Black White (Sort of light grey)

Black White color is perfect to have the home feature’s stand out. This again is a modern lifestyle color providing luxury looks. It creates a very calm and soothing like atmosphere to the living room. Black White on the walls works exceptionally well with white roof and grey flooring/carpet.


A new home is your very own personal space and with a new fresh paint it will provide comfort and a sense of belonging. Earlier you make this decision the better the results and make sure you plan ahead and within your budget. Give yourself a fresh start with new colors to your newly bought house. It is better to paint the house before you unpack and settle down because once you settle down then you will become lazy and might never get the chance again to do so. Happy moving everyone…