Guide to a stress-free house move

House moving is not everyone’s cup of tea. We all know how stressful it can be organising for a house move. Do not worry there is help available and house movers in Auckland can move your furniture so, that you are stress free.

A few tips can help you make your house moving a lot easier. Read below and take away the key points for your next move.

Your Stress-Free Guide to Moving House

1. Organise first

To help keep your stress levels low you should organise your house move beforehand.

So, start by packing each room separately and decide when and how you will organise your things. Once you have assigned the items to labelled boxes, then consider booking a moving company in Auckland.
Choose professional movers who can help you pack items and move your furniture safely to your new house.
Book a moving date well in advance because the moving companies can be busy.

2. Pack early

Moving house is no small task – so the last thing you want is to be packing up at the very last minute.

Start packing as soon as possible and have the boxes ready for the movers to come on the moving day and move them in the truck accordingly. If you are well organised, then it will make your job so much easier and give the movers a good start to the day.

This way, you relieve some of the stress on yourself and break down the move into enjoyable times.

3. Helps to be a little flexible

There are sure to be some things that may not go as you planned it so, when you are moving house remind yourself to stay flexible. There is always work arounds for every hick up you may face while moving house. Be flexible and keep your stress levels down.

Having a plan is a great way to stay organised, but do not be afraid to deviate from it when circumstances require.

4. Have a backup plan

Always have a backup plan in case the day of your move things do not work out.

These could be:
● Weather warnings
● Moving company cancels on you
● The property may not be ready / in the promised state
● Changes to Government guidelines due to Covid-19

Planning for any potential setbacks like those above into your move will aid to alleviate any stress from your move, because you have already planned and came up with solutions to any potential issues.

5. Get some help

Do not be afraid to ask for help. Your friends and families can come in very handy in such times. The more help you get the less stress you will have. Extra helping hands can make the house moving job much easier and enjoyable.

So, reach out to your friends and family for that extra helping hand you can make use of. It can also be a good get together while you move. Have some meals planned or even a bbq to take those much-needed breaks in between.

6. Relax

Once you have moved to your new house it is time for you to relax and enjoy. Invite over your friends and family to warm up the new house in style. Have a bbq on the deck and a few cold ones while you enjoy good company and the new house.

We hope the above tips can help make your next house move a stress free one. Do not forget that when things get tough there is always ways around it. You just must step back and think through it. Happy moving everyone from the best furniture movers in Auckland.

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