Tips on decorating the new house

Decorating the house with attention to detail can make a big difference on your visitors view your house and it paints an impression of yourself. The house on its own will not have much of an impression on anybody unless it is decorated well. Think about the room you are staying in for example, does it look appealing to you?

Can you spend the night after work in your room comfortably? If you can jot down ideas on the type of room you want your bedroom to look like and you think that it will make you feel more at home, then hold of your moving company in Auckland, because once you move In there is such little time for you to think about such things and all you want is to set the house up and get on with life.

So, lets give you a few tips on what you can do to decorate the new house.

Gather your inspirations

Start thinking and begin research on the laptop, and start pulling out all those brochures, fabric samples, colour swatches, and everything that you’ve been stashing away.

Open your bookmarks on your computer browser, lay out those magazine articles, and get ready to start mixing and matching. Or matching and matching. Either way, it’s time to narrow down your choices.

Style and placement

Think about decorating one room at a time and get help from your family members on how each member wants there bedroom to look like. Maybe ask them for a picture of the type of room they would prefer, which makes its easier as you go out for shopping and selecting the right products by choice.

Having a room inspiration photo is very ideal when moving into the new house and bear in mind you can always make adjustments. To find some interior pictures visit Pinterest where you can select the rooms of your choice and save the picture to get ideas.

Think about the style

Brainstorm some ideas on how you perceive your house to look like; modern, traditional, etc. It would not be a good look if you decorate your lounge into a traditional look, but a modern decor for your kitchen. Think of different styles and pick one that you could lay out in the main areas such as kitchen, lounge, guest room, walkways, stairs, guest bathroom and lobby. Each style is different and varies depending on the type of house you have and the layout of it.

Some thoughts about your bedrooms

You spend a third of your life in the bedroom, so you should carefully consider what you want to make it like and have it fit your lifestyle. Start with choosing the bed and the other bedroom furniture. While you may be able to save money in other areas, buying a good-quality mattress and pillows is always a sound investment.

Your choice of color is also critical in a bedroom. Choose a lighter hue if you are a morning person, or a darker color if you are a later riser. The bedroom lighting is important for setting the right mood, as well as for allowing you to read and get dressed in the space.

Get rid of the old furniture

Obviously moving into the new house would change your mind set about some of the furniture back in the old house. It won’t all fit into the new plan and might even affect the look of the new house, so be wise and get rid of the furniture that you think will not fit well with the new house plan. You could have a garage sale to make back some of the cash and invest into the new furniture that would better fit in with the new plan. Or simply donate some to the poor.

Contact your local Auckland movers for your next move. Happy moving everyone J




Tips on moving bigger appliances

It’s a fact that moving to a new home can’t go without some heavy lifting being involved. Those large kitchen appliances really need extra care when moving to avoid damaging them or causing injury to yourself. Having extra hands-on board is a great idea. Simply get furniture movers in Auckland to safely pack and move your appliances.

Efficient planning before tackling big appliances is very important and can save you a lot of time.

So, check out some helpful tips below on moving some of your heavy appliances.

Moving a washing machine, dishwasher, or dryer.

With moving your washing machine, dryer, or dishwasher it’s best to repack these items in their original packaging if at all available. If you don’t store the original packaging, you should think of secure alternatives.

Before you start ensuring that the units are empty is your very first step. For the dishwasher, take out all dishes and cutlery, give it a clean and remove the shelves and baskets, as well. Wrap these separately and place in box.

Placing an old blanket underneath the dishwasher can make things easier when moving and will keep the floors scratch free. Once you pull out the dishwasher make sure to unplug from the outlets. After you disconnect the units, attach all loose wires to them with tape. Next, turn the water valves clockwise on both the washing machine and the dishwasher to shut off the water supply.

Be ready to get a bit wet with the following step. Turn all hose screws anticlockwise, pull out the hose and hold it over a bucket until water from the appliances drains out. Be extremely careful not to wet any electrical parts, so you can avoid some serious mistakes. If you still aren’t sure that you can handle detaching the appliances on your own, don’t hesitate and require the assistance of a professional plumber or a professional moving company can help.

The next step is to cover the appliances with blankets and lift each of them on to a moving trolley. Then, you can slide them wherever needed. Just make sure to keep the units upright while transporting them on the trolley or in the moving van/truck.

Moving an oven

First step is to begin disconnecting your oven from the mains supply. If your unit is electric, simply turn the of the main switch and unplug from the outlet on the wall. For a gas cooker, shut off the gas supply by switching off the main gas valve. It is good idea to have a look at your manufacturer’s manual, so you find out the safest way to turn off your oven. If you do not have the manual, simply search one up online or get a experienced person to come help you.

Pack your oven in original packing if available. Firstly, clean the oven properly, or get it cleaned professionally. Remove the detachable parts, such as inner shelves, racks and trays from the oven and pack them separately to avoid damage when being transported.

Use wrapping materials, such as bubble wrap, moving blankets, or old towels to ensure reliable protection.

When it comes to the oven itself, tape the doors with durable tape and then wrap, using an old blanket again.

So, now your oven is good to go. Being extra careful, load the unit on a dolly to lift and wheel it away to the moving truck.

You can simply use the tips above to move such heavy appliances or higher a moving company in Auckland to help move it professionally.  


5 best hacks for packing shoes while moving

Shoes packing during the house moving process is a challenging task. With the little organization and right techniques your shoes will arrive at your new home in an excellent condition. Here are few hacks that you need to follow to move your shoes safely-

Organize and donate

It is a good idea to start the shoes packing process with a shoe inspection. So go through all the pairs of shoes that you have. Sort your shoes making two piles- donate and keep. Keep all those shoes that you really like wearing.

If you have plenty of shoes in your closet that you haven’t worn for years and they are in good condition, then it is a good time to donate those shoes. You can drop them off at a local goodwill or other charitable organization that might have a use for them.

Sort shoes

Once you have narrowed down your shoe collection to the shoes that you really like to wear, the next step is to sort them out properly. To pack yours shoes in an efficient way you should group your shoes by style such as – dress, athletic, leather and seasonal.

Sorting is important because different designs and materials used in shoe making have different needs when it comes to packing paper and moving. Sorting will make it much easier to pack your shoes more efficiently.

Clean and repair

Always clean your shoes before packing. Packing them clean helps to prolong their life. You can freshen up your shoes before packing by using baking soda as it eliminates odours. You can pack tea bags in the shoe boxes to eliminate odours.

Clean sneakers and synthetic shoes with mild soap and water or other shoe cleaning product that you like. Drop off any shoes that need to be repaired in time from moving day. Make sure shoes are completely dry before packing.

Use small boxes for packing

To prevent damage pack shoes in small boxes, stuff with socks or packing paper. Always use clean packing paper instead of newspaper which can leave smudges.

Pack your favourite shoes by wrapping each one in paper. In this way your shoes will remain protected. You can tie laces of the sneakers to keep pairs intact. If you are packing more than one shoe pair in a box, then try to keep heavier ones at the bottom.

Store seasonal shoes

To save your time in unpacking your shoes when you will arrive at your new home, always pack the shoes according to season in two different boxes. Mark the boxes clearly mentioning the season on it.

For example, if you are moving your house in the summer, keep aside your winter shoes and pack them first. In this way they will be ready to be put away first, right after you arrive at your new home. Pack shoe boxes into larger moving boxes and label them properly.

So, these are the main tips to protect your shoes while the move and packing them efficiently. We hope these shoe packing hacks mentioned above will help to make your move quick and easy.

Don’t forget to choose the best moving company in Auckland for your next move.

5 Main tips for selling your home

If you are planning to sell your house soon, you are the main person who will play an important role in selling your home. There are 5 main tips to for selling your home and get prepared and create a good listing that will help to engage potential home buyers. Also you will get a good understanding of the house selling process.

Know the price

It is important to understand all the costs of selling a house. If you are going to the market with an accurate property appraisal can put you in the best position for an optimum sale price. so you should identify the approximate value of your house.

To get the right estimate you can follow the points below:

  • You can request a “no obligation” valuation from at least three real estate agents.
  • Research for what similar properties listed at or sold for in your neighbourhood.
  • Create your own checklist by looking at the pattern of successful listings.

Renovate house if necessary

When you want to sell your house quickly, renovating an old house with outdated look is a great way to increase the value of your house. Renovating will also make your house more attractive to buyers.

Always remember to weigh the potential rewards with the money you will spend on the renovation before you decide which part needs renovation. Do not spend money if you are not sure that you won’t be able to get back.

 Choose the right time to sell

you can sell your house anytime but still there are some times in the whole year when you can sell your house at good prices. For e.g. summer is considered the best time to sell the holiday home as people more travel in holidays.

Summer is a good time to sell a lifestyle block because of the drier grounds and brighter greenery. on the other side these times will give you more competitors as well.

Listing online

Online listing of your property is most important. If you are listing on a local agent site that is great but it is harder for potential buyers to find your property. Online listing is helpful in engaging the potential buyer from out of stare or even out of country.

If you are listing your property online on real estate portal then you (a seller) and the buyer will have direct access to the information. This will help to avoid any confusion.

Good photography and home staging.

Always hire a professional property photographer to make sure your house looks the best. A good photographer will know how to make your house more spacious, no matter how big or small house you are selling.

When you are selling a house, home staging and photography can transform a house of being ordinary to extraordinary. Home staging is always worth doing whatever time of the year you are selling.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful in engaging potential buyers so you can sell your house fast and at good price. Don’t forget your Auckland Movers team when it is time to move.

Happy selling!

5 tips for packing electronics while moving

During the house moving process, right packaging for our electronics is most important to protect them from any damage. As most of us have number of electronics (computers, video games, televisions etc.) to pack when we are moving. There are 5 best tips mentioned below can help you to move your electronics safely.

Detach wires and accessories

Always remember to detach all the wires and accessories before packaging. Although it is time consuming to detach everything, but by doing so you are avoiding metal to metal contact. Metal to metal contact can cause problems to your device.

After detaching everything including cords and batteries, nicely label them so you know which cord belongs to which device. Do not forget to take photos of how the cords are connected to their devices for easy reassembling later.

Pack electronics in a climate-controlled environment

Packing of electronic devices is safest when stored in climate-controlled environment because most of the electronic devices are highly sensitive to temperature extremes. If the device being stored, keep it in an even temperature area.

Extreme cold conditions can cause metal parts to contract, weakening soldered components. Also, heat can damage electronic devices because metal parts expand in hot weather and they put stress on soldered connections.

Use suitable wrapping material

Always use suitable wrapping material to wrap your electronic devices. Use bubble wrap for large items, you can add two or three layers of bubble wrap to protect the large fragile items. To protect screens from damage you can cover these well with padded moving blankets.

To provide support you can store the screens against the walls. Never store them flat or stack anything on the screen as pressure can permanently damage the screens. Never use newspapers to pack your screens because newsprint can get onto the screen and can scratch the screens.

Use original boxes if possible

Use the original packaging if it is available because it the best practice to repack them in the original packaging. The original boxes will have pre shaped protective material, so these are ideal for storing your items during the move.

If you don’t have the original boxes either you can request a “return kit” from your manufacturer or you can get an appropriate box from your moving company. An inadequate box may cause damage to your electronic device.

Label boxes clearly

After packing your electronics and their corresponding cords in appropriate boxes, make sure clearly label all the boxes. Write for fragile items as “Fragile” as also write “This side up” on the boxes to prevent them from being crushed.

For long term storage, consider adding a picture of item which is in the moving boxes to keep things more organised.

You can follow these steps and save your valuable electronics. If you are still nervous about packing your electronics on your own, you can search for Best movers Auckland. Because the professionals from moving companies can evaluate your electronics and pack them safely.

Happy (Electronic) moving everyone!



How to prepare your new home before the movers arrive

When you are moving into a new home and everything else such as you got the keys, your pre-settlement inspection is done. The next step is to confirm your move-in date and book a reliable moving company in Auckland.

You can make moving process easy and less time consuming for yourself and movers by just keeping few important points in mind.

There are few important points mentioned below that you should do with your new home before the movers arrive-

Schedule cleaning:

Even if your new home is brand new or not, it is always a good idea to clean your new home before the furniture and all other items arrive. So, plan for cleaning in advance. Always try to clean one room at a time. You can also hire a cleaning company. it is all up to you.

Always start cleaning from top in each room and then work your way down. In the kitchen, do the fridge first. Once the fridge is cleaned do the rest of the kitchen. Clean the bathrooms and toilets thoroughly, by using disinfectants and antibacterial sprays.

The next step in the cleaning is clean the ceiling, light switches, windows etc. Finish cleaning with floors. Wooden and tile floors can be easily cleaned with vacuum followed by mop. For the carpet clean steam cleaner is the best if you have one. You can hire professionals or rental from hardware store to clean the carpet.

Fix any urgent repair

Before you move in a new house schedule home improvement. Identify what needs attention into your new home. Repair any damage or health and safety issues related to the new home. Damage could include a hole in the wall, broken window locks or something which is not working properly.

It will be better if you finish the urgent repairs before moving into your new home. This will help to save your time.

Reserve parking

If there is less space in your home for moving truck to park or moving boxes to sit, it will be helpful to find and reserve a parking space with orange cones. You can also chat with your neighbours in advance to use their driveways or parking space.

Always try to find a parking space as close as you can otherwise you will likely pay a lot more for your movers.

Check your utilities

Hopefully you took care of arranging for your utilities to be ready before moving, now make sure that everything is ready to go and functioning properly. Remember to verify that your electricity, gas internet, water heating and cooling units and phones are good to go before the movers arrive.

Make sure that your new home is set up for garbage pick up as well, otherwise you can call your local waste management facility.

Reach your new home before the movers

The last and the most important thing that you must keep in mind that always reach home before the movers. Because your movers don’t know exactly where to place your beds or which kid’s toys box go where so you must be there to answer all those questions.

If you are there before the movers, you can remove any obstacles such as vehicles in the way etc. so always be prepared and arrive at your new home before the movers.

In conclusion, it is most important to keep these basic points in mind when you are moving into a new home to make your moving process organised and successful. You can save yours and house movers time by following these above-mentioned tips.

Wishing you the very best in your new home! Happy moving everyone.

5 important furniture moving tips

Moving furniture in Auckland? Then you have come to the right place for moving tips that will help make your move a stress free one. It is not an easy task when it comes to moving furniture from one place to another, especially if it is your very first time.

Don’t worry we have identified some important tips to help you move safe and sound. Auckland is a busy city and traffic is getting worse day by day, but never mind we all must buckle up and move on and not stress.

Tip #1 – Preplanning is a must

We all know by now that having a good plan in place prior to accomplishing any task is a must. So, start by planning your move first, before it is to late and you get stressed out because time is running out.

You may plan to move furniture yourself or hire a moving company in Auckland to do it for you. Either way a plan is always helpful and will ensure everything is running smooth.

Tip #2 – Pick the right day and time

Moving your furniture on the right day and at the right time of the day can save you some time. Select the day you are least likely to experience weather issues, traffic issues and most importantly a day with no other work to take place. Mark the calendar to ensure furniture moving is the only task for the day.

Selecting the right time of the day can help you avoid traffic, which in turn can save you time with loading and unloading the furniture and have time to unpack and settle.

Tip #3 – Choose the right furniture moving company

If you are not looking to move your furniture yourself then do some research and select the right furniture movers in Auckland to help you move stress-free. An expert moving company will have the knowledge and experience for moving your furniture safely.

Get quotes from different companies and then shortlist one or two that best fit your needs and are within your set budget. When doing your research make sure to read the companies reviews to get an idea of the company’s values and if the company delivers to your required expectations.

Tip #4 – Keep energy levels high

You are ready for the move but are your energy levels, right? Have you eaten? Packed some snacks for in between? Fueled up? Hydrated? These are all the questions to ask yourself, because when you get moving you will get tired and drain your energy.

Ensure that you have the food and drinks available when you feel your energy levels are falling, then you can just quickly have a snack and get back to moving. This can also save some time, because you don’t want to feel hungry in the middle of the move and then run out to get some takeaways wasting time.

It would also be kind to offer some snacks to the movers that are helping you move your furniture and ensure they are also well fueled up.

Tip #5 – Don’t rush it in a day

Moving in one day can be very stressful, drowning and not safe for yourself and the moving team. So, when you do your planning, spread it over a weekend or even 3-4 days if moving a big house with kids involved.

Take it easy and don’t over stress yourself. That is why it is important to choose experienced Auckland movers to help make your move a stress-free one.

Happy moving everyone 😊

Is your house well ventilated?

Firstly, in New Zealand we are currently in the coldest month of the year with snow falls and temperatures falling below the zero-degrees. We may have eliminated community transmission for covid-19 but still we are getting cases from around the world who come through our borders into managed isolation. Hopefully we can keep these cases in our managed isolation and not let it escape out in the community where we might fall back to lock-down again. We all need to play our part and ensure health is our top priority during this global pandemic. We in New Zealand have the freedom now to travel nationally and explore our own backyards, as international travel looks like a thing of the future, lets check out our backyards.

People are now moving around houses and people returning from overseas are shifting into new houses, so weather it is office moving or house moving Auckland wide we are back fully operational helping New Zealanders move. All staff is well trained and aware of the hygiene practices that are being followed nationally/internationally. As we are in the coldest month of the year let us cover some key tips to help us keep fresh and warm this winter.

HRV systems stand for heat recovery ventilation systems and these are now more popular then ever in New Zealand. Let us look at the two different types of systems below.

Regular home ventilation system – The most selling ventilation system which makes use of fans/ducts to get rid of the moist air in your house. If you are the owner of a house that is fed up with condensation, then this is the perfect solution and will get rid of all condensation if installed correctly by a professional. This may also be a very good selling point for your house as it adds value and also if you are looking to buy a new house then this feature is to look at for as it may become a must have in houses in the coming years in New Zealand.

Heat Pumps – These come in different types such as Wall mounted, Ceiling mounted, Central heat ducted heat pumps, Multi room heat pumps, ETC. Consult a professional before deciding on which type of system would best fit your requirements for the house you are living in. Heat pumps work all year around and are very cost-efficient compare to other heating units you buy from your local market. In the winter they keep the house warm and in summer they keep it cool. These heat pumps can be installed in the whole house or separately in rooms as you wish.

Very beneficial to have a heat pump in your home in New Zealand as you experience both types of weather changes. This as well as the HRV Ventilation system we talked about earlier are now must have systems in the house. Especially if you are allergic and stay home mostly then it is important to have a good ventilation system installed to keep the fresh air coming in and get rid of the dirty allergens. Beneficial for asthma sufferers also, but make sure the right system is selected with proper high-quality filters and that the filters are replaced every 1 to 1.5 years. Just like the water filters need replacing after 6 months of use or so onwards.

Having a good ventilation system installed ensures the family is healthy and safe. Keeping warm in winters and cool in summers is essential.

Happy moving everyone 😊


We have done it! New Zealand is now at Alert level 1. The team of 5 million have shown the world that it is doable and there is a lot the world can learn from a small country like ours. We can now freely roam around with no restrictions at all, it feels like we have our life back. Let’s keep it this way. Our team is now back on fully operational and ready to move. You have come to the right place if you are looking for reliable furniture movers in Auckland.

New Zealand’s largest city Auckland is built in the north of the north island with a population of around 1.6 million and with a growth rate 2.6 percent yearly. Auckland is rated as the 8th most liveable city globally in 2017 measuring several factors related to health care, education, safety, environment and infrastructure. Auckland city is located between two harbours and very well known as the “City of Sails”.

Housing – Either buying or renting, Auckland has it all and start selecting today as we are back to more of normal life here in New Zealand. Make a smart choice by choosing a house that would best fit your requirements such as transporting to work, work to be close to home, shopping nearby, public transport services, etc. The traffic in Auckland is ever increasing and it can take easily an hour to get to work within a 20 – 30 km radius. Traffic is one of the major setbacks for Auckland city and hence why the elder generation move to the rural areas. To overcome traffic, you may want to choose other alternatives such as biking, public transport or simply live close to work.

The people and the culture – Auckland is a multi-cultural city with more than 40 percent of the population born overseas and which makes it more diverse then cities such as New York, Sydney and even Los Angeles. This goes to show that Auckland has done well in settling migrants from across the world. The Maori heritage in New Zealand puts us in a unique place in the world. New Zealand is also well known for tourists and some tourists decide to make a permanent shift to New Zealand as they fall in love with its natural beauty and a very calm lifestyle. The people here are known to be very friendly as per the 2018 expat survey with a score of 94 percent. The cultural festivals take place where people come together and celebrate under the same shelter. The workplaces also seem to promote cultural festivities as the diversity increases.

Nature and outdoors – New Zealand is well known for its beaches and Auckland alone has beautiful beaches near the coastline. The top 10 beaches in Auckland are Anchor Bay, Orewa, Cheltenham, Piha, Bethells beach, Oneroa, Karekare, Missionbay, Takapuna and Point Chevalier beach. Auckland is also surrounded by beautiful parks and it is the perfect way to explore the beauty of our landscapes. So, get out there and start exploring the natural beauty that New Zealand has to offer.

We are now able to get back to normal life in alert level 1. Get your travelling gear and prepare to explore our own backyard. This will also help in boosting our economy and help our local business get back up and running. For the house movers it is now possible to plan or start your move and get in touch with furniture movers in Auckland for a hassle-free move. Keep well and enjoy.

Happy moving everyone 😊

House Movers Auckland (Covid-19)

With Covid-19 amongst us, it becomes very tough for every individual and in these tough times it is important that we lookout for each other as a nation together. New Zealanders together can fight of this virus if we keep doing what the government is asking us to do.

On behalf of the furniture movers Auckland team we hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and obeying the alert level 4 rules set out by the New Zealand government. It is now looking more encouraging with the latest number of cases we are seeing here in New Zealand. If it keeps on going as it is then we are hoping we will be back to normal, but keeping in mind that we will only move down in the alert levels and abide by the rules set in that level of alert.

In times like these it is very obvious that all businesses are now shut and no one is moving around. Especially not houses and that will still be a long way away as we face this epidemic. Let’s look at it positively and take the time to catch up with our friends and family all over the world through online services available and social media now days can bring you even closer. Check up on your elders and ensure your family is doing well. In New Zealand we are very fortunate to have such a committed government to look after all of us.

Now let’s look at things you can do around the house while under lock down.

Cleaning – It is perfect time for each one of us to do our cleaning around the house. You now may have all the time in the world to focus on your house and make it look spotless. You might have also thought of re-arranging your cupboard and get out the unwanted clothing. The kids might also be bored at home doing nothing, so get them involved and they might just learn a few things from you. A clean house is always so welcoming, it can change the way we live and help bring a smile to our faces. Open up the windows and let the fresh air breeze through, wind up your blinds and let the sun bring the natural light inside.

Gardening – The garden is one area where we always say that we do not have enough time for it. No excuses now! Put on your gumboots, gloves, masks and get ready to get dirty. Well dirty for only a little while as you spark up the garden and then sit back and enjoy it. It is best to use this time wisely and keep busy! Sitting home all day can be very unhealthy, physically or mentally.

Touch ups – The little things you may have noticed over the times you have come home from work can now be fixed. You may not have the tools to fix everything, but you could always get a few things done with the current tool set at home. It could be as simple as tightening up the screws on the bed, touch up of paint on walls if available, replacing light bulbs, fixing the oven, etc.

Furniture movers Auckland team at The Moving Squad hopes that this epidemic is over soon and we can all get on with our normal day to day lives. Keep up the positivity and enjoy the time at home while you can. Stay safe and ensure safety of others as well.

Stay home – Wash your hands often – wear a mask when going out – Avoid sharing – cover your coughs and sneezes.

Keep your homes clean and well ventilated.