House Movers Auckland (Covid-19)

With Covid-19 amongst us, it becomes very tough for every individual and in these tough times it is important that we lookout for each other as a nation together. New Zealanders together can fight of this virus if we keep doing what the government is asking us to do.

On behalf of the furniture movers Auckland team we hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and obeying the alert level 4 rules set out by the New Zealand government. It is now looking more encouraging with the latest number of cases we are seeing here in New Zealand. If it keeps on going as it is then we are hoping we will be back to normal, but keeping in mind that we will only move down in the alert levels and abide by the rules set in that level of alert.

In times like these it is very obvious that all businesses are now shut and no one is moving around. Especially not houses and that will still be a long way away as we face this epidemic. Let’s look at it positively and take the time to catch up with our friends and family all over the world through online services available and social media now days can bring you even closer. Check up on your elders and ensure your family is doing well. In New Zealand we are very fortunate to have such a committed government to look after all of us.

Now let’s look at things you can do around the house while under lock down.

Cleaning – It is perfect time for each one of us to do our cleaning around the house. You now may have all the time in the world to focus on your house and make it look spotless. You might have also thought of re-arranging your cupboard and get out the unwanted clothing. The kids might also be bored at home doing nothing, so get them involved and they might just learn a few things from you. A clean house is always so welcoming, it can change the way we live and help bring a smile to our faces. Open up the windows and let the fresh air breeze through, wind up your blinds and let the sun bring the natural light inside.

Gardening – The garden is one area where we always say that we do not have enough time for it. No excuses now! Put on your gumboots, gloves, masks and get ready to get dirty. Well dirty for only a little while as you spark up the garden and then sit back and enjoy it. It is best to use this time wisely and keep busy! Sitting home all day can be very unhealthy, physically or mentally.

Touch ups – The little things you may have noticed over the times you have come home from work can now be fixed. You may not have the tools to fix everything, but you could always get a few things done with the current tool set at home. It could be as simple as tightening up the screws on the bed, touch up of paint on walls if available, replacing light bulbs, fixing the oven, etc.

Furniture movers Auckland team at The Moving Squad hopes that this epidemic is over soon and we can all get on with our normal day to day lives. Keep up the positivity and enjoy the time at home while you can. Stay safe and ensure safety of others as well.

Stay home – Wash your hands often – wear a mask when going out – Avoid sharing – cover your coughs and sneezes.

Keep your homes clean and well ventilated.

House moving solutions

Have you just bought a new house or are you planning on moving into your new house?

If the answer is yes, then there are few things that you need to line up before making your grand move to make the transition as smooth as possible. Let’s have a look at some of the things that we need to be mindful about.


House moving and packing services

It’s essential to pick the best movers in Auckland when you are thinking about house moving and packing services. The best movers Auckland will ensure that your stuff is being taken good care of and that it’s in safe hands. An experienced moving company will have a wealth of knowledge and the expertise in making your house move as stress free as possible. There is nothing worse than going for the cheap un-reliable option when selecting a company for these services and then later finding the whole house moving process to be a big nightmare. Thus, the importance of selecting the best house movers in Auckland would be beneficial and take away the stress from you.


Storage services

You are planning to move into your new house in about a months’ time but don’t have a storage space to store your important items in the meantime? Then you might have to pick a company that provides storage services as well as house moving and packing services or pick a separate company for the storage services only. Picking a company that does it all might make it be a lot simpler for you as there is one point of contact and items can be managed in a much easier way. The other option can also be beneficial for some people that might want to do the heavy lifting them selves but just need a storage space for the mean time. So, it really depends on what suites you best and if you are up for a challenge or would prefer to leave it up to the professionals.


International moving

Another thing to think about is that if you are moving within the North Island of New Zealand or moving overseas. There are very few businesses that would be able to provide you everything including international moving services as well because there is a lot to do when sending items overseas. Again, this could make things a lot easier if you can trust a business that can do it all including international moving. You might also decide if you would like to keep this part separate as moving items overseas can be a challenge and better left alone to the experts that do this on the daily bases.


Setup services

Once the big move is done, you might consider a business that offers setup services as well. This could make everything much more efficient for you as you would walk into your new house with most of the things already set up for you. The setup part is also a fun part so you might want to take this task upon yourself and do it slowly to setup items on your pace. This can be a bonding time for your family, but you can get your relatives or friends involved as well to get things moving faster.


So, there are many things to think about before you pick the best house movers in Auckland. Go online and read some google/facebook reviews or maybe have a chat to a friend that might have used a house moving company before which they could recommend. Take your time and give few shortlisted companies a call and then make that hard decision to select one right house moving company to help you with your big move.



Owning your own house in New Zealand

 Will the new generation kids will ever be able to afford a home in New Zealand? Especially in bigger populated cities like Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch and will the properties ever stop rising? Owning house now days seems next to impossible for the younger generation that is working day to day jobs and it sounds like a dream for the upcoming generation who have to work very hard to even save up for the deposit of their home. So what are the work arounds if you cannot afford a house in bigger cities of New Zealand?

Have an exceptionally good income

It may be possible for the few of us on very high incomes to be able to afford a house in bigger cities of New Zealand and be able to pay off the mortgages.  These highly paid jobs are not easy to find and for you to be able to get one after your hard work over the past years throughout university and gathering experience, it might be a little later in life that you actually have the money to put forward for a deposit. Not everyone straight out of university gets a very highly paid job; it is the experience that counts afterwards. So it takes years to build up experience and then be looking to get a high income in your working job. This is one of the ways and other ways are for the extremely talented that do start-ups/businesses and make it big to be able to afford property in New Zealand.

Getting help from the parents

Another way in which you may be able to afford the house is to get some help from your parents. They could help you by letting you stay in the house without rent or if they are rich enough then they could help you with paying the deposit up front. Some of us may not have rich parents and some of use might not even have parents to help us at all. So it becomes very tough to rely on this sort of help. It would only work for the very few of us and whose parents are actually willing to help their kids own a home.

Getting a home from your wealthy parents

This is for the very fortunate millennials who have parents that are very wealthy and can help their kids by giving them a property to start off with. Once you get onto the housing ladder then it becomes easier for you to own even more properties as the bank will give you a loan easily based on the equity you hold. But do remember to take a calculated risk and not be foolish when investing into a property.

For the rest of us that do not have high incomes or parents that can help us out. We are looking to work very hard to get onto the property ladder here in New Zealand. It might be better to think outside the box. Invest into a property in the cities that have much lower prices. You might not want to stay their but it’s a good idea to invest into the property market as the property rates look to be on the rise every few years. It does not look like the property prices will ever take a dip. They might just take breather and stop, but will keep rising as the world grows. Also ensure the property you invest in has good rental income to help you cover the mortgage, property rates, insurance, maintenance etc.

Once you have found your investment property then you can look into Auckland movers to help you out with the moving part. 

Goodbye 2019

Welcome to the year 2020, Happy New Year to everyone. As every other year we all set new goals to begin the year and slowly get back into the work life. The long vacation over Christmas and New Year is now over and it is now time to put on your work shoes once again, but let us do it with more positivity. A New Year marks a new beginning leaving behind the past, forget about all the downs you would have had in the past year and focus on the “New Year New Beginning”.
Getting back to work after such a long relaxing holiday can be a rude awakening and it becomes very hard to slip back into the normal routine. Enjoying the festival season, catching up with family and friends, sleeping in and doing whatever you desire has come to an end. We are back to the normal work routine in 2020. Let us not feel down and be positive about the beginning of this New Year. Set some new goals, achieve targets, get a promotion, become healthy, seriously there is lots to do in the New Year and whatever it may be that you do, please make sure you actually stick to it and do it! It is important to set new targets but working hard and staying positive throughout the journey is the key. Keep it realistic and don’t expect too much.
Create healthier office habits
Did you drink too much coffee last year? Did you end up eating too much of the cake and sweets at the work meetings/functions? Did you miss your meals? Did you feel very tired after work and could not wait to go home and sleep? Did you feel tired all the time? Did you feel bad leaving work because others were still working? Did you give yourself time and put effort in to be healthier?
These are just some of the questions that pop up in our minds when beginning the New Year and we get dragged back into work and the normal routine of having our morning coffee, attending meetings, eating unhealthy, missing meals etc.
Let’s make a change this year with more positivity and put more effort into our daily life choices that we make. It is your body, your mind and your heart. No one else is going to come and do it for you! So make the right choice and be healthy.
Replace your morning coffee with a healthier choice of maybe green tea, herbal tea, lemon water, and the best choice as professionally recommended is Apple Cider Vinegar to start of the day fresh and boost your metabolism. There are a lot of benefits to having Apple Cider Vinegar in the bright early morning. Have healthier breakfast mixed with berries, oats, grains, fibre etc. Then follow up with a light snack in between before lunch. Lunch is very important and every one looks forward to this time throughout the day. It is the time to get a break away from desk and relax your mind and eyes. There are a lot of healthier lunch choices/recipes online for you to get hold off and enjoy the benefits. You could have another snack between lunch and dinner.
Get home from work on time and don’t be feeling bad if others are still in the office working but the time is up. Go home get a break and maybe hit the gym or go for a run before having a nice meal at dinner before bed. Have a look at some of these healthier dinner choices.

Start enjoying your days at work and have Happy New Year. Happy moving everyone.

Tips on moving on moving houses over Christmas


So it is the festive season and also a beginning of the New Year very soon. Kiwis love this time of the year as work closes down over this period and there is a lot to look forward to. Work parties, house parties, family get together and vacation is all we can think off.  It is time to put the work shoes away as you make the most of the upcoming holidays. For some of us it might be time to pack up and move houses. Don’t worry you will still get time to celebrate and relax while the movers do the job for you. Organise a mover within your area and if not sure then search for one such as Auckland movers or any area you are looking to move around in.


Let’s share some important tips on moving

  1. Have a plan ready

It is important to plan ahead and have a set timeline in order to make the move stress free and easier. Mark up a checklist to tick of as every task gets completed. If you still have stuff to be packed than plan for that as well ahead of the move.

  1. Book your nearest movers (Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch)

The quicker you get the movers booked is better as they are all very busy over this period. Also get it booked first thing as you have plenty of other things to plan for. Some Auckland moving companies also help with packaging and also have packaging material available if requested. Search for quotes from different companies.

  1. Declutter while you can

It would be a big mess if you start moving some unwanted items from the current property to the new property, so take this opportunity to get rid of the items that are not required and the ones that might not be suitable for the new property you are moving into. Declutter or donate them on to some useful people or some friend that might be in need. Ensure you only donate the items that will be in good condition.

  1. Less is more

Do not ever misjudge the amount of items you may have and then leave it for very last minute on the packaging. You might run into some real trouble and might have to book an extra trip to get the items over to the new house. So once again plan ahead and be reasonable.

  1. Weather warnings

Even though here in Auckland, New Zealand we may not experience very bad weather over the Christmas and New Year’s but do keep an eye out for the early weather watch. Things can get much worse if the weather does not behave. Even if moving on hot sunny days make sure to keep that sunblock handy.

  1. Relax

Once you have moved to the new property it is time for you to sit down and relax. Crack open a cold one, you deserve it. If things go according to plan then you can also have the time to enjoy this holiday period with friends and family. It is all about planning and having a deadline for every stage.


This time of the year is very joyful and cheerful. So make sure that you are safe no matter what you are planning to do. Take this time to reflect on the whole year and set goals for the upcoming year. Have a safe Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Happy moving everyone.


Can you believe it? We are almost at the end of the year 2019. This year has just zoomed by us and Christmas and New Year is just around the corner. We are going to be entering 2020 in about a month and a bit. This time of the year could be a very busy time as work load picks up and people are out buying gifts and what not for the Christmas and New Year’s. The month of December is full of parties organised by work, friends, family and etc. It is the perfect time for summer vacation as well due to all businesses closing over the Christmas and New Year’s period.

The house can become a mess over the summer period and especially if you have kids and on top of that organise a party at home! So let’s share some tips on keeping the house clean over this period and help ease up the cleaning required after.


To have a cleaning schedule will really help you throughout the summer period for keeping your house up to date and clean. Create something like a “Weekly Cleaning List” and specify day to day cleaning tasks. See reference below.

Weekly Cleaning List

Every Day Wipe down kitchen counters, wash the dishes, wipe bathroom sinks, sweep/vacuum main living areas, make beds etc.
Monday Wash all linens and swop with new bedsheets, wash a load of dirty clothes
Tuesday Vacuum the whole house, clean toilets/bathtubs/showers, Mop wet areas
Wednesday Clean essentials such as couches, dining table, TV cabinet, etc.
Thursday Put the rubbish out if it is the rubbish day tomorrow, Dust of furniture, pictures, frames, TV, etc.
Friday Wash laundry load if any, Vacuum if necessary
Weekend Relax, Organise a party, chill outside in the sun


Some of you might already have a list of cleaning weekly stuck to your fridge. Do not forget to amend that list and use it over the coming summer period when you might need it the most. When everyone is home over the summer vacation the house is bound to be messy and it requires cleaning almost every day and lacking behind in your schedule might just take over and you will be left with a very messy house towards the end of the vacation and a lot to clean afterwards.


The main focus is to keep the work very light and space it out over the week. But do give yourself a break in between and over the weekends when you should take this time to spend it with the loved ones and party. To help ease up the workload try and involve the kids to do a cleaning job. You might even put assign cleaning tasks on you weekly cleaning list to the kids and this way it will be much easier for you. It will give all of the family more of a break and even workload will be shared amongst the family.


Don’t be too hard on yourself. You do not have to do exactly what the list says and the list is there to be amended as per your requirements for that day. It is not a strict rule you should follow but just a simple guideline to assure that you keep your house clean. Spend the time with your kids as you may not get the chance to when they grow older and leave home. Make beautiful memories with the family and keep life balanced. Happy moving everyone 🙂

Painting the new house

 Congratulations on your new house. It is probably time to crack open a cold one and let it sink in. Some of us might just start unpacking and settling in to the new home, but for the rest of us we start to think about changes. The very first thing that comes to mind is the color of the house inside and outside. Changing the color of the house can make big differences in the way of living and make it feel more of a home you would love to go to after a long day at work.

The main key point for choosing good interior color is to research for colors that can make the space you live in look spacious and large. The light colors can brighten up your house and dark colors will make it look a lot dull. There is a lot to decide once you think about painting your new home and it is totally okay to be nervous while choosing a color as it may appeal to you but not your partner. So if you have decided to color up your new house before you unpack and settle then start your research and choose the best fit colors for your new home. Below we will list a few colors that may provide some help in your selection. The colors below are for interior décor.


Wind Sky (Very Light Blue)

Wind Sky works very well as neutral and it is such a love able shade to have in your new home and also gives a touch of color to the wall. It does not take over the space and is a cool-color providing a natural look and very live atmosphere like. Light blue creates a sense of calm and serenity to the space and works very well with other colors or even brown flooring and grey carpet.


Chamomile (Light Warm Yellowish)

Chamomile is very light warm yellowish color and pairs well with other strong colors such as magenta, yellow, burnt orange, teal etc. White lighting works well with this color and light brown flooring. This is one of the favourites for today’s modern living lifestyle.


Exotic red (Bright)

You will fall in love with this color as you add to your room or even add it to the kitchen cabinets and have the walls maybe crisp white for the exotic red to stand out even more. This color is the one to go for when bringing energy into the house. Be bold with your choice and live bright. If you decide to go exotic red with the kitchen then ensure you have other colors that are light for the red to stand out. A light marble kitchen top works perfect with this exotic red.


Black White (Sort of light grey)

Black White color is perfect to have the home feature’s stand out. This again is a modern lifestyle color providing luxury looks. It creates a very calm and soothing like atmosphere to the living room. Black White on the walls works exceptionally well with white roof and grey flooring/carpet.


A new home is your very own personal space and with a new fresh paint it will provide comfort and a sense of belonging. Earlier you make this decision the better the results and make sure you plan ahead and within your budget. Give yourself a fresh start with new colors to your newly bought house. It is better to paint the house before you unpack and settle down because once you settle down then you will become lazy and might never get the chance again to do so. Happy moving everyone…



Home renovation tips

Renovating your home requires a lot of planning and most of the time people don’t succeed simply because no planning was in place. Planning is very crucial, it requires a lot of your time with so much effort. In the end it will save you a lot of time and frustration when you get hands on with your renovation. Renovations are done for variety of reasons. You might come to know that the home your living in does not meet your current needs and lifestyle. Looking for a new home and moving out might be a bit too much at the point and especially if you love that home or the area.

No matter what your reason might be, it is always a good idea to have renovations done for the better living. Renovating will also add value to your home and if circumstances change then you might just sell it and make bigger profits. You can renovate and leave the decision to the end of it whether you want to live in it or sell it.

Renovations could include variety of things such as re-painting, extending, changing the layout, changing the flooring etc. Before you start your renovations, consider thinking about these points listed below.

Sketch out a plan

Sketch out the renovations you want to do on a plain white piece of paper. This does not matter if you are an architect, it is a simple plan of your house and the way you want it laid out post renovation. Put your thoughts to the paper, think of the how you want the space to look and how it shall function. You might want to consider having a chit chat to your friends and get some ideas.

Have options in place so that if not satisfied change it on the spot without further research. The plan can also help you when you get contractors to come and do the work. They will appreciate that you have done your research and hence make the job much faster and simpler.

Have your resource and building consent ready

Resource consent is not only for new properties being constructed but also for existing buildings and it is always a good idea to check with the council if one is required. Building consent simply means a consent for any building work being carried out from alteration, demolition or removal of a building. Ensure that the work you are to carry out meets the building standards of the country.

Here is a link for beginners to find more out about resource and building consent : Starters guide

Set up a budget

Your budget needs to be realistic. You need to be able to afford it and keep extra in the reserve pocket for the unforeseen. It might help to jot up some numbers on the spreadsheet, this will help you keep track of your spending’s and guide you with your budget and home much is left. After you have thought of a reasonable budget then add on an extra 10 percent to your total to be safe.

Moving out or staying

Are you going to be moving out of your home or staying during the home renovation? Moving out means that you will be paying extra rent for the house you will be staying while you do renovations. This might work in your favour if you are looking to save time as an empty house is much easier to renovate having different contractors in at the same time to get more done. Staying in might take the renovations a bit longer but you will be able to keep track and save up on the extra rent you will have to pay if you move out.

Happy moving everyone

Tips on Furniture Selection

Selecting the right furniture for your new home plays a vital part for setting up the home, where you will be most comfortable. Everything to the style, color choice, construction, material, etc matters to the very tinniest of details. Your house is where you live for the most of the day and it makes sense to have the right furniture installed to come home to and relax. Quality is not to be compromised.

Shifting from an old home? It’s a very good chance now to get the furniture that you don’t want removed before you shift to your new home. A good tip is to search for furniture removals Auckland to remove the unwanted furniture.

Tips below on helping you select the right furniture

  • Style – Choose a generic shape that is trending now days and will be in trend for at least the next 5-10 years at least. It is a big investment for your new house and when guests arrive they will judge your furniture as they use it. The best feeling is to ensure yourself that you are happy with the furniture and its shape. You should fall in love with it the moment you see it and can picture it being at your house look fabulous. Contemporary/Professional, so many choices to choose from in the available market today. Go out, explore and make it enjoyable.
  • Construction – This is important when selecting the furniture especially for the lounge where you spend most of the time when at home. It must be of solid construction and long lasting (feel heavy). The material used should be known and trustable. The fancy look, decorated, beautiful furniture won’t be any good if it does not live up to the quality and is not at all comfortable. Furniture made of solid wood and solid wood construction will generally last very long. It’s also important to take care of the furniture as with kids around it can become much more used and worn. When purchasing sofas and chairs, cushioning is very important for comfort level.
  • Fabric – Choice of fabric may vary amongst different cultures and ethnicities. Living room may appeal more towards lighter fabrics. Couches, sofas may require a darker colored fabric due to extra usage throughout the day. Most people may prefer leather recliners now days and most sell in the color black. Recliner’s and lazy boys are more popular in the younger generation. Sofas are more for the elder generation. Sofas might give the room an elegant old school look as to the recliners being more modern. The fabric material must be comfortable and easily washable.
  • Price – Do your research well before the store visits and compare prices. There might be a public holiday around the corner and specials might just pop up. So it might be worth the wait to get the special price. Different stores and in different locations may vary in prices as well. It’s also best to get the word of mouth from relatives, friends and colleagues. Do not compromise quality and the comfort of the furniture. Especially if the furniture really appeals to you then go for it. You would want to make a wise choice and think long term when buying furniture as items discounted for clearance may use and break very quickly with no warranty on it.

Auckland is the hub for buying furniture with shops in every area possible. There is also shops owned by the Asian community that provide imported furniture from overseas and at a much lower price, but quality here may be compromised as to the design at appearance itself. So definitely consider all the points above before you go on furniture shopping spree. Get rid of the old furniture with the help of furniture removal companies in Auckland.

Happy moving everyone.

House moving decisions

House moving decisions can be quite involved and require a lot of thinking before you take your first step. The timing could not be any more perfect to own a family house now due to the foreign buyer ban, introduction of capital gains tax and axing landlord’s tax deductions. So if you are thinking of moving house especially in Auckland  then this is the time for you to make those decisions and get things moving.


House market

The house market is always known to have its ups and downs but the as of today it is probably the best time to buy a house. The house prices have steadied for the last 6 months and have started to decline due to the NZ government banning foreign buyers from purchasing NZ houses as well as the introduction of capital gains tax.  The ban for the foreign buyers was introduced in September 2018 which had a great impact on the NZ house prices as per the article published by NZ herald. The NZ government is now in the talks of introducing capital gains tax which could further decline the housing market. So, if you keep up with the latest news then surely you would definitely be considering buying your first family home of moving into a new house that you might have always desired.


House moving plan

Buying a house is already tricky enough but moving into the new house can be a challenge on its own. Therefore, you must have a good house moving plan to ensure that everything goes smoothly when the need arises to move into that new house. Below are a few things you must consider while preparing for the big move:

  • Tenancy notice (If applicable) – Make sure that if you are currently renting that you advise your current landlord about your big move and the dates that you will be vacating the house as you are required to give at least 21 days’ notice.
  • Insurance – It is very important that you have your House and content insure all setup before you move into the new house.
  • Electricity – Ensure you have spoken with a electricity provider company and informed them about the your move and dates so that the electricity is on when you get there.
  • Phone & Internet – Set up an account or move your current account with your current phone and broadband provider as these days we heavily rely on internet for most of the things.
  • House moving company – Also the most important aspect of moving is find a good and reliable house moving company to shift all your furniture and belongings to the new house in one piece.


House moving companies

Let’s look into more details on how you should do your research to find the perfect house moving company. Having reliable and experienced house movers in Auckland can make all the difference as they will make your house move a breeze. So, how should you start your research? We have a few steps as mentioned to below to help you out:

  • Google search – Yes, as we all know that google knows everything. So let’s start off by searching on google for the Auckland house moving companies.
  • Google results – Next click on the first 5 links that you find most relevant to you.
  • Review companies website – Spend some time and review their website
  • Read reviews – Once you have selected a few companies then it is a must to read reviews about them online.
  • Get quotes – Request the selected companies to provide you with the quotes.


After all that hard work we hope things become a little bit more easier when you move into your new house.