Tips on moving on moving houses over Christmas


So it is the festive season and also a beginning of the New Year very soon. Kiwis love this time of the year as work closes down over this period and there is a lot to look forward to. Work parties, house parties, family get together and vacation is all we can think off.  It is time to put the work shoes away as you make the most of the upcoming holidays. For some of us it might be time to pack up and move houses. Don’t worry you will still get time to celebrate and relax while the movers do the job for you. Organise a mover within your area and if not sure then search for one such as Auckland movers or any area you are looking to move around in.


Let’s share some important tips on moving

  1. Have a plan ready

It is important to plan ahead and have a set timeline in order to make the move stress free and easier. Mark up a checklist to tick of as every task gets completed. If you still have stuff to be packed than plan for that as well ahead of the move.

  1. Book your nearest movers (Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch)

The quicker you get the movers booked is better as they are all very busy over this period. Also get it booked first thing as you have plenty of other things to plan for. Some Auckland movers also help with packaging and also have packaging material available if requested. Search for quotes from different companies.

  1. Declutter while you can

It would be a big mess if you start moving some unwanted items from the current property to the new property, so take this opportunity to get rid of the items that are not required and the ones that might not be suitable for the new property you are moving into. Declutter or donate them on to some useful people or some friend that might be in need. Ensure you only donate the items that will be in good condition.

  1. Less is more

Do not ever misjudge the amount of items you may have and then leave it for very last minute on the packaging. You might run into some real trouble and might have to book an extra trip to get the items over to the new house. So once again plan ahead and be reasonable.

  1. Weather warnings

Even though here in Auckland, New Zealand we may not experience very bad weather over the Christmas and New Year’s but do keep an eye out for the early weather watch. Things can get much worse if the weather does not behave. Even if moving on hot sunny days make sure to keep that sunblock handy.

  1. Relax

Once you have moved to the new property it is time for you to sit down and relax. Crack open a cold one, you deserve it. If things go according to plan then you can also have the time to enjoy this holiday period with friends and family. It is all about planning and having a deadline for every stage.


This time of the year is very joyful and cheerful. So make sure that you are safe no matter what you are planning to do. Take this time to reflect on the whole year and set goals for the upcoming year. Have a safe Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Happy moving everyone.


Can you believe it? We are almost at the end of the year 2019. This year has just zoomed by us and Christmas and New Year is just around the corner. We are going to be entering 2020 in about a month and a bit. This time of the year could be a very busy time as work load picks up and people are out buying gifts and what not for the Christmas and New Year’s. The month of December is full of parties organised by work, friends, family and etc. It is the perfect time for summer vacation as well due to all businesses closing over the Christmas and New Year’s period.

The house can become a mess over the summer period and especially if you have kids and on top of that organise a party at home! So let’s share some tips on keeping the house clean over this period and help ease up the cleaning required after.


To have a cleaning schedule will really help you throughout the summer period for keeping your house up to date and clean. Create something like a “Weekly Cleaning List” and specify day to day cleaning tasks. See reference below.

Weekly Cleaning List

Every Day Wipe down kitchen counters, wash the dishes, wipe bathroom sinks, sweep/vacuum main living areas, make beds etc.
Monday Wash all linens and swop with new bedsheets, wash a load of dirty clothes
Tuesday Vacuum the whole house, clean toilets/bathtubs/showers, Mop wet areas
Wednesday Clean essentials such as couches, dining table, TV cabinet, etc.
Thursday Put the rubbish out if it is the rubbish day tomorrow, Dust of furniture, pictures, frames, TV, etc.
Friday Wash laundry load if any, Vacuum if necessary
Weekend Relax, Organise a party, chill outside in the sun


Some of you might already have a list of cleaning weekly stuck to your fridge. Do not forget to amend that list and use it over the coming summer period when you might need it the most. When everyone is home over the summer vacation the house is bound to be messy and it requires cleaning almost every day and lacking behind in your schedule might just take over and you will be left with a very messy house towards the end of the vacation and a lot to clean afterwards.


The main focus is to keep the work very light and space it out over the week. But do give yourself a break in between and over the weekends when you should take this time to spend it with the loved ones and party. To help ease up the workload try and involve the kids to do a cleaning job. You might even put assign cleaning tasks on you weekly cleaning list to the kids and this way it will be much easier for you. It will give all of the family more of a break and even workload will be shared amongst the family.


Don’t be too hard on yourself. You do not have to do exactly what the list says and the list is there to be amended as per your requirements for that day. It is not a strict rule you should follow but just a simple guideline to assure that you keep your house clean. Spend the time with your kids as you may not get the chance to when they grow older and leave home. Make beautiful memories with the family and keep life balanced. Happy moving everyone 🙂

Painting the new house

 Congratulations on your new house. It is probably time to crack open a cold one and let it sink in. Some of us might just start unpacking and settling in to the new home, but for the rest of us we start to think about changes. The very first thing that comes to mind is the color of the house inside and outside. Changing the color of the house can make big differences in the way of living and make it feel more of a home you would love to go to after a long day at work.

The main key point for choosing good interior color is to research for colors that can make the space you live in look spacious and large. The light colors can brighten up your house and dark colors will make it look a lot dull. There is a lot to decide once you think about painting your new home and it is totally okay to be nervous while choosing a color as it may appeal to you but not your partner. So if you have decided to color up your new house before you unpack and settle then start your research and choose the best fit colors for your new home. Below we will list a few colors that may provide some help in your selection. The colors below are for interior décor.


Wind Sky (Very Light Blue)

Wind Sky works very well as neutral and it is such a love able shade to have in your new home and also gives a touch of color to the wall. It does not take over the space and is a cool-color providing a natural look and very live atmosphere like. Light blue creates a sense of calm and serenity to the space and works very well with other colors or even brown flooring and grey carpet.


Chamomile (Light Warm Yellowish)

Chamomile is very light warm yellowish color and pairs well with other strong colors such as magenta, yellow, burnt orange, teal etc. White lighting works well with this color and light brown flooring. This is one of the favourites for today’s modern living lifestyle.


Exotic red (Bright)

You will fall in love with this color as you add to your room or even add it to the kitchen cabinets and have the walls maybe crisp white for the exotic red to stand out even more. This color is the one to go for when bringing energy into the house. Be bold with your choice and live bright. If you decide to go exotic red with the kitchen then ensure you have other colors that are light for the red to stand out. A light marble kitchen top works perfect with this exotic red.


Black White (Sort of light grey)

Black White color is perfect to have the home feature’s stand out. This again is a modern lifestyle color providing luxury looks. It creates a very calm and soothing like atmosphere to the living room. Black White on the walls works exceptionally well with white roof and grey flooring/carpet.


A new home is your very own personal space and with a new fresh paint it will provide comfort and a sense of belonging. Earlier you make this decision the better the results and make sure you plan ahead and within your budget. Give yourself a fresh start with new colors to your newly bought house. It is better to paint the house before you unpack and settle down because once you settle down then you will become lazy and might never get the chance again to do so. Happy moving everyone…



Home renovation tips

Renovating your home requires a lot of planning and most of the time people don’t succeed simply because no planning was in place. Planning is very crucial, it requires a lot of your time with so much effort. In the end it will save you a lot of time and frustration when you get hands on with your renovation. Renovations are done for variety of reasons. You might come to know that the home your living in does not meet your current needs and lifestyle. Looking for a new home and moving out might be a bit too much at the point and especially if you love that home or the area.

No matter what your reason might be, it is always a good idea to have renovations done for the better living. Renovating will also add value to your home and if circumstances change then you might just sell it and make bigger profits. You can renovate and leave the decision to the end of it whether you want to live in it or sell it.

Renovations could include variety of things such as re-painting, extending, changing the layout, changing the flooring etc. Before you start your renovations, consider thinking about these points listed below.

Sketch out a plan

Sketch out the renovations you want to do on a plain white piece of paper. This does not matter if you are an architect, it is a simple plan of your house and the way you want it laid out post renovation. Put your thoughts to the paper, think of the how you want the space to look and how it shall function. You might want to consider having a chit chat to your friends and get some ideas.

Have options in place so that if not satisfied change it on the spot without further research. The plan can also help you when you get contractors to come and do the work. They will appreciate that you have done your research and hence make the job much faster and simpler.

Have your resource and building consent ready

Resource consent is not only for new properties being constructed but also for existing buildings and it is always a good idea to check with the council if one is required. Building consent simply means a consent for any building work being carried out from alteration, demolition or removal of a building. Ensure that the work you are to carry out meets the building standards of the country.

Here is a link for beginners to find more out about resource and building consent : Starters guide

Set up a budget

Your budget needs to be realistic. You need to be able to afford it and keep extra in the reserve pocket for the unforeseen. It might help to jot up some numbers on the spreadsheet, this will help you keep track of your spending’s and guide you with your budget and home much is left. After you have thought of a reasonable budget then add on an extra 10 percent to your total to be safe.

Moving out or staying

Are you going to be moving out of your home or staying during the home renovation? Moving out means that you will be paying extra rent for the house you will be staying while you do renovations. This might work in your favour if you are looking to save time as an empty house is much easier to renovate having different contractors in at the same time to get more done. Staying in might take the renovations a bit longer but you will be able to keep track and save up on the extra rent you will have to pay if you move out.

Happy moving everyone

Tips on Furniture Selection

Selecting the right furniture for your new home plays a vital part for setting up the home, where you will be most comfortable. Everything to the style, color choice, construction, material, etc matters to the very tinniest of details. Your house is where you live for the most of the day and it makes sense to have the right furniture installed to come home to and relax. Quality is not to be compromised.

Shifting from an old home? It’s a very good chance now to get the furniture that you don’t want removed before you shift to your new home. A good tip is to search for furniture removals Auckland to remove the unwanted furniture.

Tips below on helping you select the right furniture

  • Style – Choose a generic shape that is trending now days and will be in trend for at least the next 5-10 years at least. It is a big investment for your new house and when guests arrive they will judge your furniture as they use it. The best feeling is to ensure yourself that you are happy with the furniture and its shape. You should fall in love with it the moment you see it and can picture it being at your house look fabulous. Contemporary/Professional, so many choices to choose from in the available market today. Go out, explore and make it enjoyable.
  • Construction – This is important when selecting the furniture especially for the lounge where you spend most of the time when at home. It must be of solid construction and long lasting (feel heavy). The material used should be known and trustable. The fancy look, decorated, beautiful furniture won’t be any good if it does not live up to the quality and is not at all comfortable. Furniture made of solid wood and solid wood construction will generally last very long. It’s also important to take care of the furniture as with kids around it can become much more used and worn. When purchasing sofas and chairs, cushioning is very important for comfort level.
  • Fabric – Choice of fabric may vary amongst different cultures and ethnicities. Living room may appeal more towards lighter fabrics. Couches, sofas may require a darker colored fabric due to extra usage throughout the day. Most people may prefer leather recliners now days and most sell in the color black. Recliner’s and lazy boys are more popular in the younger generation. Sofas are more for the elder generation. Sofas might give the room an elegant old school look as to the recliners being more modern. The fabric material must be comfortable and easily washable.
  • Price – Do your research well before the store visits and compare prices. There might be a public holiday around the corner and specials might just pop up. So it might be worth the wait to get the special price. Different stores and in different locations may vary in prices as well. It’s also best to get the word of mouth from relatives, friends and colleagues. Do not compromise quality and the comfort of the furniture. Especially if the furniture really appeals to you then go for it. You would want to make a wise choice and think long term when buying furniture as items discounted for clearance may use and break very quickly with no warranty on it.

Auckland is the hub for buying furniture with shops in every area possible. There is also shops owned by the Asian community that provide imported furniture from overseas and at a much lower price, but quality here may be compromised as to the design at appearance itself. So definitely consider all the points above before you go on furniture shopping spree. Get rid of the old furniture with the help of furniture removal companies in Auckland.

Happy moving everyone.

House moving decisions

House moving decisions can be quite involved and require a lot of thinking before you take your first step. The timing could not be any more perfect to own a family house now due to the foreign buyer ban, introduction of capital gains tax and axing landlord’s tax deductions. So if you are thinking of moving house especially in Auckland  then this is the time for you to make those decisions and get things moving.


House market

The house market is always known to have its ups and downs but the as of today it is probably the best time to buy a house. The house prices have steadied for the last 6 months and have started to decline due to the NZ government banning foreign buyers from purchasing NZ houses as well as the introduction of capital gains tax.  The ban for the foreign buyers was introduced in September 2018 which had a great impact on the NZ house prices as per the article published by NZ herald. The NZ government is now in the talks of introducing capital gains tax which could further decline the housing market. So, if you keep up with the latest news then surely you would definitely be considering buying your first family home of moving into a new house that you might have always desired.


House moving plan

Buying a house is already tricky enough but moving into the new house can be a challenge on its own. Therefore, you must have a good house moving plan to ensure that everything goes smoothly when the need arises to move into that new house. Below are a few things you must consider while preparing for the big move:

  • Tenancy notice (If applicable) – Make sure that if you are currently renting that you advise your current landlord about your big move and the dates that you will be vacating the house as you are required to give at least 21 days’ notice.
  • Insurance – It is very important that you have your House and content insure all setup before you move into the new house.
  • Electricity – Ensure you have spoken with a electricity provider company and informed them about the your move and dates so that the electricity is on when you get there.
  • Phone & Internet – Set up an account or move your current account with your current phone and broadband provider as these days we heavily rely on internet for most of the things.
  • House moving company – Also the most important aspect of moving is find a good and reliable house moving company to shift all your furniture and belongings to the new house in one piece.


House moving companies

Let’s look into more details on how you should do your research to find the perfect house moving company. Having a reliable and experienced house moving company make all the difference as they will make your house move a breeze. So, how should you start your research? We have a few steps as mentioned to below to help you out:

  • Google search – Yes, as we all know that google knows everything. So let’s start off by searching on google for the Auckland house moving companies.
  • Google results – Next click on the first 5 links that you find most relevant to you.
  • Review companies website – Spend some time and review their website
  • Read reviews – Once you have selected a few companies then it is a must to read reviews about them online.
  • Get quotes – Request the selected companies to provide you with the quotes.


After all that hard work we hope things become a little bit more easier when you move into your new house.


New Year New Home


Well done for achieving this great goal of purchasing a new home! This is the place where the energy kicks in when you are going to move to your new home and furthermore bitterness when you abandon your old home with delightful recollections left back with it. The greater part of us Kiwis battle to purchase another home particularly with the costs here in Auckland and it’s significantly increasingly troublesome when you just have a normal salary of two and children to take care of. The wrongdoing rate in New Zealand over all is extremely low contrasted with different nations over the world and house thefts are additionally on the decrease with better wrongdoing the executives frameworks set up. Along these lines, previously you move in to your new house we should view couple of things that you should need to consider. So take a look at some of these key points before you step foot in your new home.


Essentials – Set up a telephone line if not already done so. Critical to have your web association arranged a long time before you move in on the grounds that it takes some time with internet supplier being reserved out and in this day and age things can get extreme without  internet. Vitality switchover is likewise required with the past proprietors name change to the present proprietor just as gas supply. Inform every one of your relatives, bank, post office, and schools and so on of the new location change. Sort out new house and substance affirmation so you are altogether secured when you move in.


House cleaning – Before you venture into your new house ensure pest control is done to dispose of bugs and shield your property from nuisances for a more extended timeframe whenever done accurately. Check out the house to check whether there are paint fixes that should be contacted upon, electrical switch covers need evolving? Dishwasher set up? Floor covering stains? And so on. Continuously great to clean the house before you venture in and it lessens cleaning time after the move is finished and you can sit back getting a charge out of a cool one on the love seat viewing the dusk. Contract some expert cleaners in the event that you are not feeling like it.


Security framework – The most essential thing while moving into another house is security of the family. Verify whether there is a security framework set up at your new home and is it working as it should, cameras in the house or outside, smoke alerts, and so forth. When you get the keys for your new house make a point to change the locks on the outside entryways or inspire somebody to transform it for you. No one can really tell who may have lived in that house with keys appropriated and particularly if the house was ever set on lease already. This will give you some genuine feelings of serenity with new bolts being introduced. Additionally, another of your absolute initial steps is to change the security alert stick and if not certain ask the operator or past house proprietors to enable you to set it up.


Goodbyes!  – The end is here and it is exceptionally hard for individuals to move to another home as they are so appended to the home they have been living in for quite a while. The choice has been made and you’re prepared to bid a fond farewell to your old home and if spending plan permits arrange a grill party at your old home for one final time to esteem every one of the minutes spent together under one rooftop and a toast to the new recollections to be made in the new home.


Good luck and happy moving everyone from the team here at The Moving Squad.





Important Hidden costs when buying a new home

Happy new year and welcome to 2019. Like the start of every other year, everyone sets new goals for the new year and hope to achieve it. In New Zealand most people have goals to buy a new home and save up for it. It takes a lot of saving to have enough for the deposit up front and ready to take over, but deposit just by itself won’t be enough as other costs come into effect.


Below we will talk about the important hidden costs that come with purchasing a new house. These types of costs also require you to save up before you start thinking of buying your new house. Mortgage is one of the main costs that everyone knows they must pay on time after the settle in date and most banks now days are offering very low interest rates in New Zealand. So, get in quick if you have the savings and are looking around to buy your new home.


Building report – If you want to be on the safe side then get the building report for your new home to ensure you don’t end up spending your savings on hidden defects in the house, which you might find once you move in. So, get in touch with a qualified property inspector to find out the hidden defects and what the condition of the house is. Getting a building inspection done does cost extra when purchasing your dream home, but it will take the thought of your mind that what if there is defects in the house and some of these defects such as a leaky home might cost you more than you pay for the building inspector to inspect your house. Try to find a property inspector.

LIM report – Along with your building report it is best to get the LIM (Land Information Management) report as well. LIM report consists of information related to the property including risks as contamination, erosion, flooding and it will give you a heads up on the landslip risks, drainage or any illegal work carried out on property without consent. It might even cover leakage. It is best to get your LIM from the local council or get your lawyer to do so.


Check out How to order a LIM on the Auckland Council website with prices for Standard LIM and Urgent LIM.

LMI Premiums – Loan Mortgage Insurance premiums are paid usually by new home buyers that have a deposit of less than 20%. So you might be liable to pay the LMI if you don’t have deposit over 20%.

Rates – Rates include land/council rates and water which are not covered in the mortgage. Council rates.

House Appliances – Before you sign your contract with your real-estate agent ensure that you check what Appliances are listed in the contract when you move in. If you don’t have essential appliances listed such as Stoves, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, heaters and driers then you will have to purchase your own. This adds to the extra cost right after you move in.

Home insurance – It is very important to get home insurance to properly protect your home and some lenders also encourage you to buy mortgage protection insurance in case of you being made redundant from your job or cannot attend work due to major illness/accident.

Moving Expenses – Finally in this section is cost of moving into your new home. It is best advised to get different quotes from different moving companies in Auckland and choose the best one. Ensure that the moving squad you choose are trustable, honest, good time management, reasonable price and staff are highly trained.


Good luck with your new goals in 2019. Happy moving everyone 😊



Festival Season

We are at the end of the year 2018 and it is festival season with Christmas and New Year celebration’s taking place all over the world. New Zealand is the first popular country to celebrate Christmas and New Year. There is a lot to do here in New Zealand and in this blog we will share some event information’s on New Year celebration’s across the country.

As it is festive season there is not much moving around in terms of houses or shifting houses at this time of the year and everyone just takes the time to enjoy and refresh. It is important to keep safe in this period of time as a lot of deaths and injuries take place. Keep yourself safe while on the road or at home. Drink responsibly and do not over eat as it will take effect on your health and well-being.


Let’s list a few things to do here in New Zealand over Christmas.

Coca-Cola Christmas in Park – There is a fabulous fireworks display at Christmas in the park hosted by Coca-Cola. This is the perfect time to go out for a night with your family/friends and enjoy the entertainment night with a beautiful display of fireworks to end it off under the stars.

Motat Nights (Christmas Lights) – This is a Christmas light up event hosted every Friday, Saturday and Sunday two weeks prior to Christmas day. There will be live entertainment, beautiful lights, Christmas displays, treats. The best part is that it is $2 gold coin entry which is for donation going towards kids gifts for the charity. This event takes place 19 – 24th December 8pm – 11pm.

Wynyard Christmas Quarter – ASB Satna’s Bach customised with gifts to be delivered on 24 December by the help of some kids and families at Silo Park 7. Also Silo Cinema will be back up with your favourite Christmas movies show casing every Friday night. Then we have the Silo Markets decorated with Christmas attire. This event will be on from 5 – 24 December (Time does vary).


Let’s now list a few things to do here in New Zealand over the New Years.

Rhythm and Vines – This is a very big festival held in Gisborne, New Zealand and this is the very first place in the world to firstly welcome the New Year’s Sunrise. It is a big set up with multiple stages having 70 local and international artists performing from 29th – 31st December at Waiohika Estate Vineyard. The crowd and the atmosphere is amazing and totally worth the money you spend on it with tickets and accommodation.

New Year’s Ever in Queenstown – This place is well known as the party central of New Zealand and very attractive with tourists from all over the world coming to visit. Queenstown is a beautiful place with natural beauty surrounding the little town near the lake. There is a lot happening on New Year’s with pub/bar crawls, buzzing lights and scenery, events all over the city, festivities at the Lake Front, live music and fireworks display known to be the most beautiful setting in New Zealand.  It is the place to be on New Year’s Eve and especially if you are a party animal and love a good time out.

There are lots of other things to do around this time of the year in New Zealand. The best tip is to book in advance because it is a very busy time of the year and to find accommodation in December is almost impossible at popular locations. So be in quick and have a great time.


The team here at The Moving Squad wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’s J Happy moving everyone.



House Movers Auckland


1) Have enough time

Time is the key and if you can manage your time well, you will not get frustrated towards the end. Any individual who’s at any point done anything to a due date will realize it is very difficult and time flies. Allow yourself 24 hours to pack up your home and you’ll most likely oversee, however saying this doesn’t imply that you’ll have the capacity to discover anything at the opposite end. Give yourself a decent couple of days to pack and a couple more to clean before you move.


2) Get yourself some boxes

If you are getting house movers to help you with shifting to your new place then do ask them if they provide boxes. Most of the house movers Auckland will be able to provide you with boxes. Begin storing daily papers and air pocket wrap when you realize you’re moving… for reasons unknown air pocket wrap is extremely expensive to purchase.


3) … And some bags

Best moving tip is to get down to your nearby pound shop and get a portion of those enormous plaid clothing sacks. On the off chance that you don’t recognize what I mean, look at your neighborhood launderette. These are ideal for pressing duvets, cushions and even garments since they hold their shape, you can pack loads into them and they zip shut. In addition, on the off chance that they’re pressed full you can stack them up and there’s a touch of give in them to pack them into ungainly corners of your van.


5) Cleaning

Attempt and get the house you’re leaving cleaned to the point where you just need to complete a last vacuum once the crates and furniture have gone. Profound cleaning (particularly the ice chest and stove) dependably takes longer than you suspect as much leave a lot of time. We suggest these additional products for easy of cleaning.

– DYC White Vinegar: the main thing I’ve discovered that totally evacuates that horrendous grime and dirt around the base of taps/plugholes. Cheap and affordable.

– Selleys Rapid Mould Killer: this product is very quick and will save you a lot of time. Removes all the mould and leaves treated surfaces hygienically clean in just 2 minutes.

– Easy off Bam Oven Cleaner Fume Free: This product is very good for cleaning ovens, stainless steel and bbq, it also penetrates hard baked grease and grime. Important to note that don’t use this product for microwave ovens.


6) Put some signs on the rooms

You’ve presumably been arranging how you’ll utilize each room in your new home for quite a long time, however recall that when they’re unfilled, which one you expect to use as your visitor room/den/home office won’t be evident to your expulsion folks/assistants. When you touch base at your new residence, blu-attach signs to the entryway of each room relating with the marks on your cases. Along these lines everybody can work out where boxes go themselves and you don’t have to organize everything. Consider marking your furniture similarly as well.


7) Make a list for your last minute checks

It’s anything but difficult to overlook those last basics when you’re drained and edgy to get out and about. Make a rundown of your very late errands and stick it on the front entryway so you remember. Perusing your meters, dropping keys to the bequest specialist, killing the ice chest/heater and leaving your sending address for the new proprietor should all be on this rundown.

There are plenty of house movers Auckland so get in touch and sort out your move J Happy moving everyone.