House moving decisions

House moving decisions can be quite involved and require a lot of thinking before you take your first step. The timing could not be any more perfect to own a family house now due to the foreign buyer ban, introduction of capital gains tax and axing landlord’s tax deductions. So if you are thinking of moving house especially in Auckland  then this is the time for you to make those decisions and get things moving.


House market

The house market is always known to have its ups and downs but the as of today it is probably the best time to buy a house. The house prices have steadied for the last 6 months and have started to decline due to the NZ government banning foreign buyers from purchasing NZ houses as well as the introduction of capital gains tax.  The ban for the foreign buyers was introduced in September 2018 which had a great impact on the NZ house prices as per the article published by NZ herald. The NZ government is now in the talks of introducing capital gains tax which could further decline the housing market. So, if you keep up with the latest news then surely you would definitely be considering buying your first family home of moving into a new house that you might have always desired.


House moving plan

Buying a house is already tricky enough but moving into the new house can be a challenge on its own. Therefore, you must have a good house moving plan to ensure that everything goes smoothly when the need arises to move into that new house. Below are a few things you must consider while preparing for the big move:

  • Tenancy notice (If applicable) – Make sure that if you are currently renting that you advise your current landlord about your big move and the dates that you will be vacating the house as you are required to give at least 21 days’ notice.
  • Insurance – It is very important that you have your House and content insure all setup before you move into the new house.
  • Electricity – Ensure you have spoken with a electricity provider company and informed them about the your move and dates so that the electricity is on when you get there.
  • Phone & Internet – Set up an account or move your current account with your current phone and broadband provider as these days we heavily rely on internet for most of the things.
  • House moving company – Also the most important aspect of moving is find a good and reliable house moving company to shift all your furniture and belongings to the new house in one piece.


House moving companies

Let’s look into more details on how you should do your research to find the perfect house moving company. Having reliable and experienced house movers in Auckland can make all the difference as they will make your house move a breeze. So, how should you start your research? We have a few steps as mentioned to below to help you out:

  • Google search – Yes, as we all know that google knows everything. So let’s start off by searching on google for the Auckland house moving companies.
  • Google results – Next click on the first 5 links that you find most relevant to you.
  • Review companies website – Spend some time and review their website
  • Read reviews – Once you have selected a few companies then it is a must to read reviews about them online.
  • Get quotes – Request the selected companies to provide you with the quotes.


After all that hard work we hope things become a little bit more easier when you move into your new house.