Is your house well ventilated?

Firstly, in New Zealand we are currently in the coldest month of the year with snow falls and temperatures falling below the zero-degrees. We may have eliminated community transmission for covid-19 but still we are getting cases from around the world who come through our borders into managed isolation. Hopefully we can keep these cases in our managed isolation and not let it escape out in the community where we might fall back to lock-down again. We all need to play our part and ensure health is our top priority during this global pandemic. We in New Zealand have the freedom now to travel nationally and explore our own backyards, as international travel looks like a thing of the future, lets check out our backyards.

People are now moving around houses and people returning from overseas are shifting into new houses, so weather it is office moving or house moving Auckland wide we are back fully operational helping New Zealanders move. All staff is well trained and aware of the hygiene practices that are being followed nationally/internationally. As we are in the coldest month of the year let us cover some key tips to help us keep fresh and warm this winter.

HRV systems stand for heat recovery ventilation systems and these are now more popular then ever in New Zealand. Let us look at the two different types of systems below.

Regular home ventilation system – The most selling ventilation system which makes use of fans/ducts to get rid of the moist air in your house. If you are the owner of a house that is fed up with condensation, then this is the perfect solution and will get rid of all condensation if installed correctly by a professional. This may also be a very good selling point for your house as it adds value and also if you are looking to buy a new house then this feature is to look at for as it may become a must have in houses in the coming years in New Zealand.

Heat Pumps – These come in different types such as Wall mounted, Ceiling mounted, Central heat ducted heat pumps, Multi room heat pumps, ETC. Consult a professional before deciding on which type of system would best fit your requirements for the house you are living in. Heat pumps work all year around and are very cost-efficient compare to other heating units you buy from your local market. In the winter they keep the house warm and in summer they keep it cool. These heat pumps can be installed in the whole house or separately in rooms as you wish.

Very beneficial to have a heat pump in your home in New Zealand as you experience both types of weather changes. This as well as the HRV Ventilation system we talked about earlier are now must have systems in the house. Especially if you are allergic and stay home mostly then it is important to have a good ventilation system installed to keep the fresh air coming in and get rid of the dirty allergens. Beneficial for asthma sufferers also, but make sure the right system is selected with proper high-quality filters and that the filters are replaced every 1 to 1.5 years. Just like the water filters need replacing after 6 months of use or so onwards.

Having a good ventilation system installed ensures the family is healthy and safe. Keeping warm in winters and cool in summers is essential.

Happy moving everyone 😊