Selling your home?



Do your researches before you get on the market to sell your home in New Zealand as the market might have changed ever since you first bought your home. It is good to have a good knowledge of the area you live in and go to open homes to get a good idea of what the houses are selling for in the market of 2018. If you have a salesperson helping you out then get him/her to get you the recent information on the housing market. To get a good understanding of the market it would be beneficial to also get a list of houses sold recently in your area. Your salesperson again can provide you with this information.

Know the need of people and what they are looking for. For example, elder couples might want to live in a quiet neighbourhood as to the young ones. Different people, age groups have different needs when it comes to buying a house.


Attraction for buyers

First impression is the last impression and the buyers will judge the house by the first look from the road. If it attracts the buyer from the front it surely will make them come in and check out the rest of the house. So ensure to make the front of your house very attracting to the buyers.

Tips on attracting the buyers from the very first impression

  • Give the lawn a fresh new cut
  • Clean around the house and your fence
  • Make the garden look attractive with some flowers
  • Paint the house if needed to be
  • Water blast the concrete/walls

Once they enter your front door it comes to the decoration and the cleanliness to attract them further to get interest into the property.


Getting the house ready inside

Before the house goes on the market and you start having your open homes, it’s the perfect opportunity to declutter and have the house clean. Try storing all your unwanted items in a self-storage and make the house look spacey and big. The last thing you want is to have a home that is full of unwanted items all over the floor and making the space you have looking very small and unattractive to the buyers. This will be a great start to having the house items packed before you move onto your new property as well.

  • Clean the whole house from walls, skirting’s, roofs, and every little corner
  • Carpet to be looking spotless if you have one
  • Every buyer who is interested looks at your cupboards and closets, so have them clean



All those little touch ups you thought of fixing and had left them for last are now due. It is time to fix up the little patches and get a good return on your little investment.  It could be fixing the fence, doors, holes, dirty or ripped old wallpaper, Paint, and any leaking issues if there are any. The buyers will be looking at these things closely and would not be interested if the find holes and leaky bathrooms. These things are little of cost and so easy to fix.

Get your repairs done before the house goes on market and invest a little to get a greater profit. Do not leave it to the last minute.


Make it presentable to the buyer

 Remove all your personal belongings from the house and make it look alike a show home, so that buyers don’t feel put off by coming across your family pictures or other personal stuff. The house should be professionally decorated and set up for viewing purposes. It might help to buy in a house decorator to help set it up and it surely will attract more buyers.


Happy moving everyone J The Moving Squad