Owning your own house in New Zealand

 Will the new generation kids will ever be able to afford a home in New Zealand? Especially in bigger populated cities like Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch and will the properties ever stop rising? Owning house now days seems next to impossible for the younger generation that is working day to day jobs and it sounds like a dream for the upcoming generation who have to work very hard to even save up for the deposit of their home. So what are the work arounds if you cannot afford a house in bigger cities of New Zealand?

Have an exceptionally good income

It may be possible for the few of us on very high incomes to be able to afford a house in bigger cities of New Zealand and be able to pay off the mortgages.  These highly paid jobs are not easy to find and for you to be able to get one after your hard work over the past years throughout university and gathering experience, it might be a little later in life that you actually have the money to put forward for a deposit. Not everyone straight out of university gets a very highly paid job; it is the experience that counts afterwards. So it takes years to build up experience and then be looking to get a high income in your working job. This is one of the ways and other ways are for the extremely talented that do start-ups/businesses and make it big to be able to afford property in New Zealand.

Getting help from the parents

Another way in which you may be able to afford the house is to get some help from your parents. They could help you by letting you stay in the house without rent or if they are rich enough then they could help you with paying the deposit up front. Some of us may not have rich parents and some of use might not even have parents to help us at all. So it becomes very tough to rely on this sort of help. It would only work for the very few of us and whose parents are actually willing to help their kids own a home.

Getting a home from your wealthy parents

This is for the very fortunate millennials who have parents that are very wealthy and can help their kids by giving them a property to start off with. Once you get onto the housing ladder then it becomes easier for you to own even more properties as the bank will give you a loan easily based on the equity you hold. But do remember to take a calculated risk and not be foolish when investing into a property.

For the rest of us that do not have high incomes or parents that can help us out. We are looking to work very hard to get onto the property ladder here in New Zealand. It might be better to think outside the box. Invest into a property in the cities that have much lower prices. You might not want to stay their but it’s a good idea to invest into the property market as the property rates look to be on the rise every few years. It does not look like the property prices will ever take a dip. They might just take breather and stop, but will keep rising as the world grows. Also ensure the property you invest in has good rental income to help you cover the mortgage, property rates, insurance, maintenance etc.

Once you have found your investment property then you can look into Auckland movers to help you out with the moving part. 

Goodbye 2019

Welcome to the year 2020, Happy New Year to everyone. As every other year we all set new goals to begin the year and slowly get back into the work life. The long vacation over Christmas and New Year is now over and it is now time to put on your work shoes once again, but let us do it with more positivity. A New Year marks a new beginning leaving behind the past, forget about all the downs you would have had in the past year and focus on the “New Year New Beginning”.
Getting back to work after such a long relaxing holiday can be a rude awakening and it becomes very hard to slip back into the normal routine. Enjoying the festival season, catching up with family and friends, sleeping in and doing whatever you desire has come to an end. We are back to the normal work routine in 2020. Let us not feel down and be positive about the beginning of this New Year. Set some new goals, achieve targets, get a promotion, become healthy, seriously there is lots to do in the New Year and whatever it may be that you do, please make sure you actually stick to it and do it! It is important to set new targets but working hard and staying positive throughout the journey is the key. Keep it realistic and don’t expect too much.
Create healthier office habits
Did you drink too much coffee last year? Did you end up eating too much of the cake and sweets at the work meetings/functions? Did you miss your meals? Did you feel very tired after work and could not wait to go home and sleep? Did you feel tired all the time? Did you feel bad leaving work because others were still working? Did you give yourself time and put effort in to be healthier?
These are just some of the questions that pop up in our minds when beginning the New Year and we get dragged back into work and the normal routine of having our morning coffee, attending meetings, eating unhealthy, missing meals etc.
Let’s make a change this year with more positivity and put more effort into our daily life choices that we make. It is your body, your mind and your heart. No one else is going to come and do it for you! So make the right choice and be healthy.
Replace your morning coffee with a healthier choice of maybe green tea, herbal tea, lemon water, and the best choice as professionally recommended is Apple Cider Vinegar to start of the day fresh and boost your metabolism. There are a lot of benefits to having Apple Cider Vinegar in the bright early morning. Have healthier breakfast mixed with berries, oats, grains, fibre etc. Then follow up with a light snack in between before lunch. Lunch is very important and every one looks forward to this time throughout the day. It is the time to get a break away from desk and relax your mind and eyes. There are a lot of healthier lunch choices/recipes online for you to get hold off and enjoy the benefits. You could have another snack between lunch and dinner.
Get home from work on time and don’t be feeling bad if others are still in the office working but the time is up. Go home get a break and maybe hit the gym or go for a run before having a nice meal at dinner before bed. Have a look at some of these healthier dinner choices.

Start enjoying your days at work and have Happy New Year. Happy moving everyone.