5 Tips on selling your home in Auckland

Don’t forget to do your research!

Research plays a vital part when it comes to getting your house on the market in Auckland, New Zealand as the market might have changed ever since you first bought your home. Auckland prices now are on the rise and it could be the best time to sell your property now.

It’s a great bonus to have knowledge of the area you live in and even if you don’t then do not forget to go to open homes in your area to get a good idea of what the houses are selling for in the market. If you have real estate agent in mind, then they can also provide you with this information and do an appraisal for your property.

For a start check out homes.co.nz to get an idea of properties up for sale or have been sold in and around your neighbourhood. Keep in mind to look for houses similar to yours for a better understanding of the prices in the market.


Attraction is key

First impression could be the last impression and the buyers will judge your property by the first look from the road. If it attracts the buyer from the house front, then it surely will make them interested to come check out the rest of the property.

Focus on making your house front the most attractive and grab your buyer’s attention.

Here are a few tips on making your house more attractive.

  • Mow your lawns top notch
  • Water blast your front of the house, fence and the driveway
  • Ensure your roof look nice and clean
  • Plant some beautiful flowers in the front
  • Paint the house if needed

Once your potential buyer is interested, they will make there way in like bees attracted to honey.


Making your buyers feel like they’re at home

Before you have your open homes, it’s the best opportunity to declutter and give your house a good clean. Try storing all your unwanted items in a self-storage, so that you can showcase the space in your home and make it look big.

If your renting out and have the house empty for viewings then make sure to get some house staging people to come in and stage your house, which in todays market helps get a better return on your property. It doesn’t cost much but reaps in great profit.

Few tips below for a general clean up on the inside of your property

  • Clean the whole house from walls, skirting’s, roofs, and every little corner you find dirt
  • Carpet to be looking spotless if you have one or any flooring
  • Kitchen, bathroom and toilets to be tidy and smelling fresh
  • Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes


Want to make good profit on your house?

Doing a bit of renovation in todays market can also help you attract more buyers and get a good return on your property. Mostly every house on the market now days has been renovated especially if it is an old property.

Renovation cost will depend on how much you are wanting to renovate. Roughly about $30K renovation budget can have your house looking as good as brand new. You could also do a bit of renovation yourself if able to and save on cost.

Get your repairs done before the property goes on market and invest a little to get a greater profit.


Presentation matters

Remove all your personal belongings from the house and make it look like a show home, so that buyers don’t feel put off by coming across your family pictures or other personal stuff. The house should be professionally decorated and set up for viewing purposes.

Check out houzz for a list of home stylists and property staging companies to help stage your home.

For all your furniture moving requirements get in touch with your local furniture movers Auckland company.

Happy moving everyone J