5 tips to reduce stress while moving

Moving a house takes lot of planning and hard work.  It can bring up an incredible range of emotions such as fear and anxiety, sometimes self-doubt about the moving decision. These type of emotional changes can increase the stress so it can make the moving process more challenging sometimes.

These are the golden tips mentioned below you can follow to make your move easier, stress free and more enjoyable.

Give yourself plenty of time

Moving involves several steps those require enough time to complete successfully. Planning ahead of time makes moving process easy and stress free. So you need plenty of time for planning all the steps such as- making a moving budget, deciding to hire a moving company and settling into your new home.

Always do your research about packing, cleaning and hiring a moving company in Auckland that suits your budget. Time management is the key to reduce the stress while moving so give yourself enough time to think about everything you need.

Hire reliable movers

Hiring a reliable furniture movers in Auckland to help in relieving the stress of moving because you are handing off some of the major tasks to a professional moving company. To find reliable movers you have to do a lot of research if you do not have any recommendation from your family or friends.

By hiring a trustworthy moving company you can sit back, relax, because the professionals can handle the hard work such as packing of your stuff in a safe manner and heavy lifting etc.

Enjoy the moving journey

First of all, you have to realise that the move is necessary and you will feel good when you will settle into your new dream home. Always look forward to meeting new people, eating new dishes and exploring the new area.

All in all, if you really enjoy the move then there will be no stress on you during the move. Enjoy the move by keeping yourself mentally strong and positive. Keep the right attitude throughout the whole move.

Stay organised

Organisation is the key to make your move less stress full. It involved the proper organised sorting of your stuff, packing, labelling the boxes in such a way that makes easier to unpack everything. so prep early to pack everything in an organised way.

Make some organizing goals because now’s the time to fresh start. Packing in an organised way will help you to save your time and reduce your stress while moving.

Take care of yourself

Sleep is most important to make right decisions so try to get more sleep few days before the moving day. Make sure you are taking good care of yourself during and before the moving process.

A good diet and an exercise both play an effective role to reduce moving stress. Moving into a new house demands a lot of energy so the good nutritious diet might be the reason that how you feel. So never do rush in eating even you are busy in the moving process.

So the tips listed above you should take into account if you are planning a move to reduce the moving stress.

Best wishes for your move!



5 items you should pack yourself while moving

When you are planning to move out, always keep in mind that some of the items require special care in the moving process. Any small valuables you should pack by yourself to keep the items safe and reduce the moving expenses. You can check the items those require special attention while moving. Furniture movers in Auckland are here to help move your valuables to secure space.


The small valuables such as jewelry pieces you own will be expensive and fragile so it is much better if you pack these by your own. In the case of family heirlooms passed down from generations- those ornaments will also be very valuable or even priceless.

To reduce the risk of losing these valuable pieces of jewelry, always opt for packing your jewelry by your own. You can use special kind of packing material to pack your earring, rings, bracelets etc. during the move.

Pictures/ Items with sentimental values

Pictures also require special material to pack e.g. bubble wrap, paper etc. packing the pictures with care by yourself can help you save some money and keep your valuable pictures in your own hands.

Almost everyone of you having number of things that are very dear to you – objects infused with such sentimental values that you would not let anyone but yourself touch them. Keep in mind that no moving can replace the items those are close to your hearts and irreplaceable.

Important documents

The things of vital importance at home such as important documents require special attention, so you would better pack your document by yourself in the house moving process. It will give you a peace of mind that you are only one who has access to personal documents.

It is better if you organize your documents before packing, pack documents in a binder or a suitable size box according to the type of the document (e.g. personal ID documents, property documents, medical records etc.).


We all carry credit/debit cards but if you still keep some money at home then pack your money at least one day before the move. Money proves very difficult to insure.

So always pack your money by yourself to keep it safe. You can use special bags to pack money and carry money with you when you are moving into your new home.

Personal stuff

Always pack your personal stuff on your own and keep them with you during the move. There are so many things lie in the personal stuff category such as- shampoo, toiletries, prescription medication, children’s toys, clothing, lingerie, etc.

In most cases you wouldn’t want strangers to be going through your personal stuff such as clothes. With your personal items you would be feeling awkward when someone else is touching them.so pack your essential stuff by yourself to prevent any awkwardness and to reduce the moving cost.

These are the main 5 items that you should pack yourself when you are moving in your new home. If you pack these above-mentioned items by yourself, it will reduce the packing cost for furniture removals company and your personal items and valuables will be safe in the entire moving process.

Happy and safe moving everyone!

6 Tips to find cheap movers in Auckland

Auckland is still in level 4 lockdown and unfortunately, we are not able to operate at this level. We are patiently waiting for the decision of Auckland going into level 3, so that we can help our fellow kiwis move again. To our clients – Thank you for your patience.

If you are thinking about house moving, the first question will come to your mind is- how much the upcoming house move will cost you? Most of us are familiar that moving house is an expensive affair. You can save money by choosing cheap and reliable moving company if you follow these simple tips mentioned below-

Start research in advance

Start your research on search engines as soon as possible to select cheap and quality movers that will provide the services you need at reasonable price. The good, reliable moving companies will be in great demand in the moving season.

The ideal time of research is a few months before the actual moving date because more time will give you more choices. You may be able to get some discount for early bookings, so you can save your money.

Personal recommendations from your Known

When you are looking for cheap moving companies the main issue is that you just don’t know which company will be reliable and affordable. Always ask your friend circle, neighbors, co-workers, relatives first if the know any good moving company with reasonable moving rates.

If someone recommend any moving company, be sure to ask details of the company they used and what was their overall experience regarding the affordability and quality of the services provided by the company.

Call movers in home for price estimate

Call movers home for the price estimate, avoid trusting price estimates received over the phone or via e-mail because the price estimates received over the phone cannot be accurate and can extend your moving costs later.

Request for in home surveys for price estimates from the top affordable and reliable companies, so you can share your needs with the company representative more clearly. Also, the company representative can at any potentially difficult situations or dangers such as long flight of stairs and tight corridors etc.

Compare moving estimates

The comparison of moving estimates starts by analyzing all moving company quotes you have received. The most important aspect when you review all the quotes from all the moving companies in Auckland is to be extra cautious with offers with costs that are way low.

Always analyze the low prices by contacting the movers. Choose a best moving company offering you an affordable moving rate with quality services.

Read customer reviews

If you don’t get any recommendations from your friends or relatives, then the best way is to do research and access customer reviews by reading and analyzing them. Generally moving companies’ reviews come in the form of overall performance rating left by customers.

Basically, browsing the reviews will help you to find the balance between affordability and quality of the moving services provided by the moving company.

But be aware of fake reviews of some moving companies and look at for reviews posted at the same time stamp or similar writing style to find if reviews are genuine or not.

Know the average moving cost

Having a realistic idea of how much things are going to cost helps you to calculate average moving costs and plan your budget in advance. the average moving costs also depend on the extra services you choose to get from the moving company.

If you are familiar with the average moving cost, then finding cheap movers in Auckland that are reliable is not a big issue for you.


3 Main tips when selling your home in Auckland

Selling your home in Auckland these days is a big competition as vendors take their homes to auctions and see people splash out over each other in order to bid their best to get a new home. The competition is even more interesting when developers are involved, and we have all seen some houses that have gone above and beyond their vendors expectations.

The fight for some Aucklanders to step foot into their first ever home is getting even tougher as prices rise. All time low interest rates and low deposits are not stopping the rise in prices. Now that we have the LVR value raised it has made somewhat difference but not so significant.

So, if you are looking to sell your home in the Auckland market see the tips below to help you get a better return on your investment.

Tip #1 – Renovate home before selling

This is topmost important tip to get the right price for your property and the renovation amount put in will return plus higher value for the house means it is a win-win situation. Your house may already be in good condition, but any little renovation done will raise the value of your property.

You may hire a professional to carry out the renovations for you or do it yourself. If you can do it yourself then that could be the best option as it will save you a lot of renovation and labour cost. The benefit of hiring a professional is that you won’t have to worry about a thing, and you could concentrate on your normal job or business.

This tip may not be valid for someone that has a developable land and in the urban zone. They may not renovate their home and sell because the developers are paying high prices for the land anyways, so the property might not matter.

Tip #2 – Choose the right real estate

There are a lot of real estate agents out their and they all may offer similar services as well but do your research on the agent before handing over your property. A top well-known agent in the area who may charge a tiny bit more than others can get your property on the market and sold at an exceptional price.

Marketing skills, Experience and customer base is very important when selecting the right real estate agent. Get an appraisal done from different agents within the area to help make the right decision.

Tip #3 – Put your home on auction

There are different periods in real estate when it comes to choosing whether to put your home on auction or have an expected price listed to sell for. Now most properties in Auckland are being sold at an auction due to the unexpected high prices vendors are getting for their homes and the competition between developers is high.

The other tip would be to get the auction done on site as this gives the bidders a feel for what they are paying for, and especially if the house is renovated to the highest specs there is even more reasons to have the auction on site.

The choice is all yours and hope that you make the right decisions and get the best price for your property. Don’t forget to do your research not just on selecting the right real estate agent but also the renovation. Go look at some renovated houses, or show homes, or even search online for renovation tips.

Happy moving everyone from the best movers in Auckland 😊


How to prepare your new home before the movers arrive

When you are moving into a new home and everything else such as you got the keys, your pre-settlement inspection is done. The next step is to confirm your move-in date and book a reliable moving company in Auckland.

You can make moving process easy and less time consuming for yourself and movers by just keeping few important points in mind.

There are few important points mentioned below that you should do with your new home before the movers arrive-

Schedule cleaning:

Even if your new home is brand new or not, it is always a good idea to clean your new home before the furniture and all other items arrive. So, plan for cleaning in advance. Always try to clean one room at a time. You can also hire a cleaning company. it is all up to you.

Always start cleaning from top in each room and then work your way down. In the kitchen, do the fridge first. Once the fridge is cleaned do the rest of the kitchen. Clean the bathrooms and toilets thoroughly, by using disinfectants and antibacterial sprays.

The next step in the cleaning is clean the ceiling, light switches, windows etc. Finish cleaning with floors. Wooden and tile floors can be easily cleaned with vacuum followed by mop. For the carpet clean steam cleaner is the best if you have one. You can hire professionals or rental from hardware store to clean the carpet.

Fix any urgent repair

Before you move in a new house schedule home improvement. Identify what needs attention into your new home. Repair any damage or health and safety issues related to the new home. Damage could include a hole in the wall, broken window locks or something which is not working properly.

It will be better if you finish the urgent repairs before moving into your new home. This will help to save your time.

Reserve parking

If there is less space in your home for moving truck to park or moving boxes to sit, it will be helpful to find and reserve a parking space with orange cones. You can also chat with your neighbours in advance to use their driveways or parking space.

Always try to find a parking space as close as you can otherwise you will likely pay a lot more for your movers.

Check your utilities

Hopefully you took care of arranging for your utilities to be ready before moving, now make sure that everything is ready to go and functioning properly. Remember to verify that your electricity, gas internet, water heating and cooling units and phones are good to go before the movers arrive.

Make sure that your new home is set up for garbage pick up as well, otherwise you can call your local waste management facility.

Reach your new home before the movers

The last and the most important thing that you must keep in mind that always reach home before the movers. Because your movers don’t know exactly where to place your beds or which kid’s toys box go where so you must be there to answer all those questions.

If you are there before the movers, you can remove any obstacles such as vehicles in the way etc. so always be prepared and arrive at your new home before the movers.

In conclusion, it is most important to keep these basic points in mind when you are moving into a new home to make your moving process organised and successful. You can save yours and house movers time by following these above-mentioned tips.

Wishing you the very best in your new home! Happy moving everyone.

6 Best New year resolution ideas for 2021

New year resolutions are great chance for those who have failed to accomplish their goals in past year and for all others who are thinking to make the positive changes in their lifestyle for happier and healthier life.

If you are still confused on making new year resolution, there are some ideas below for you to consider if appropriate.

  • Renovate or redecorate your home

Sometimes making a little change is exactly what you need. It is in our human nature that we get bored very soon from same decoration. It is necessary to do a little change in your home every month.

You can change the position of your furniture in a new way and can remove the things that are not looking good to you anymore. If you want to renovate your house and you do not have space to store your furniture in your home, then you can take help of a furniture movers Auckland company to help store your furniture.

  • Donate unused items

There are many things in your home that you are not using any more like old clothes, accessories, utensils, kids’ old toy’s etc. By donating unused things, you can help needy persons.

If you take time to sort out your cupboards & almirahs then you can remove mess up from your home and can help someone by providing your unused items who could make use of them.

  • Eat healthy and move more

To make yourself physically fit and mentally healthy, firstly change your eating habits by incorporating more whole grains and vegetables/fruits in your daily diet and eliminate all kind of fast foods from your diet. A well-balanced diet is a fuel for your body to perform daily activities, including exercise.

Regular physical activity is important for everyone, so find a simple exercise system that makes it easy to start and what works for you. If you never did exercise before then start from half an hour walk as warm up and when you are comfortable start doing exercises regularly.

  • Spend less time on social media

The social media is an easy way to stay connected to relatives/friends and keep up with the latest from your favourite brand, celebrities and publication. However too much use of social media can be dangerous because it consumes your valuable time.

So, be aware of how much time you are spending on social media and then set your time limit for social media this year.

The time you save by not using social media could be used in productive way. It could improve your sleeping pattern and reduce the risk of many health-related diseases.

  • Create a budget plan before starting of the month

You need a budget, if you want to control your unnecessary spending and work toward your financial goals. Before making a budget always calculate your total spending and income of last three months.

To calculate spending, gather your financial paperwork for e.g. bank statements, recent utility bills, investment accounts etc. Categorize your variable (travel, dining etc.) and fixed expenses (utility bills, rent etc.) then calculate the average income and expenses of last three months.

If your income is more than your expenses, you can invest your remaining income in the financial goal that you want to achieve. If you think you don’t have enough money after calculating your expenses, try to spend less on variable expenses that are unnecessary.

  • Try to do something new each month

Always try to do something new each month. If you love food, then you should make a habit of making a new dish each month according to your choice and you can be creative at it to.

Is there anything that scares you?

Let’s overcome those scary things. Make a list of things that scare you and then push yourself to try those things that are out of your comfort zone and overcome your fears.

Happy New Year everyone 😊

5 Ideas on decorating your living room this Christmas

Season’s Greetings.

Christmas is all about charm. We all love this time of year to get together and celebrate with our loved ones. The living room is the most important room in your home to focus your decorating ideas on and it is the core of your home when it comes to holidays gathering with families and friends.

You can decorate starting from your fireplace, mantel, windows and walls. Here are some amazing ideas to help you get started.

  1. Reuse old ornaments

Before you delve in, firstly collect all the ornaments from the past years and make up a budget for the new decorations this Christmas. You can reuse old items easily by mixing neutral and natural decorations with any type of metal things e.g. balls, candlesticks, stars etc.

Also, you can re-purpose your old ornaments by adding to Christmas tree, wreath, garland etc. according to your theme.

The trick is to highlight your neutral and natural decorations with contrasting background and by arranging them in a graceful way. The reuse of your decorations will not only save you money, it will also reduce environmental impacts of waste production.

  1. Traditional colours

Red, green & white make a beautiful combination for Christmas and be always in style. You can hang red & white stockings to the mantel as well as hanging wreath and paintings on walls which represents winter.

You can decorate your entrance table and doors with green garland and red flowers. Christmas tree can be garnish with bells, red, gold & silver balls and sparkling lights.

  1. The Christmas Tree

Living room is the area chosen by most of the people to display their Christmas tree. Always select the size of the Christmas tree according to your living room space and ceiling height first and then start decorations.

The Christmas tree is pine or fir evergreen tree. Your Christmas tree for decorations can be potted or artificial, it is all up to you.

The Christmas tree can be decorated by using lights, garlands and ornaments such as red and metallic golden balls that will truly glitter with every reflection of light. If you are creative and have enough time you can make handmade ornaments. A nice tree topper for example a star or a bow can be great idea for decoration.

  1. Mantel and fireplace

The fireplace and the mantel are the focus points to decorate after Christmas tree. People enjoy spending quality time with family and friends by the fireplace. You can store your gifts on top of the mantel until Christmas eve.

To give your living room more festive feel you can decorate your mantel and fireplace by picking a perfect theme. You can keep it classic with few red or white colour stockings, garland of bottle brush tree and by placing some candlesticks on the top.

A beautiful DIY garland made from combination of faux green garland, plaid ribbon and lights could be displayed around the fireplace.

  1. Coffee table

You don’t have to do much decorations on your coffee table to make an impact, a simple decoration on it can show the scene perfectly. An elegant candle holder and a small Christmas tree with some twinkling lights can be displayed to feel the festive.

This Christmas will surely be a special one as we are experiencing a global pandemic. New Zealand is very lucky to have eliminated the virus from the community and we are now able to enjoy with our friends and family.

Hopefully the ideas above can help and if any furniture moving help is required then don’t forget to get in touch with the best moving company Auckland. Merry Christmas everyone.

3 Key reasons in Auckland’s house prices

Auckland’s median house price has hit $1 million for the first time and October 2020 will go down in the housing history records. Nationally the house prices have also risen by 20 per cent in a year. This does make it hard for the first home buyers, but surprisingly with interest rates as low as ever people are still buying to get on to the property ladder.

People were expecting recession with this global pandemic situation we have on our hands right now, but it looks like we are far from recession and rising more then ever. Auckland movers have been busy moving kiwis into their new homes.

So, what are some of the reasons Auckland properties are rising at such speed?

  1. Loan to value restrictions (LVR) These are temporary limits on the banks to bring down the amount of low deposit mortgage lending. In April 2020 reserve bank announced the removal of LVR restrictions and now in November reserve bank has put this back up for investors.
  2. Lower interest rates The interest you pay on the loan you take out from the bank to pay for your property. It is the lowest it has ever been and trending to be lower by April next year.
  3. Shortage of houses Currently the shortfall of houses in Auckland alone is estimated to be at 28,000 over the past decade. Declining as we have more New Zealanders returning home and net migration rising in Auckland with 40,000 people per year and more migration rise expected next year after Covid-19.

The rise in the properties could be to do with interest rates being low, LVR restrictions being removed, shortage of houses and maybe New Zealanders returning home during this pandemic. It is range of things that are the reason for the inflation in housing and not just one.

Some landowners are selling properties even if they did not plan to sell this year, just because of the rise and profit seen in selling the house. So, with less houses on the market it drives a lot of attention and properties are being snatched day to day.

The property that is getting the most unexpected rise in value is the one with land and area that has the future to be developed. Developers are buying properties left right and centre for future development. It is said to be the best time to sell if you have properties or you are looking to move out of Auckland.

This is also the year for real estate agents as they are selling properties and getting higher commission then expected. At this point they do not have to go out and look for people looking to sell their home or people buying properties. People are approaching real estate agents themselves. Indeed, a great year for the property agents.

With so many properties being sold, it is expected that a lot of people will be on the move prior to Christmas and in start of the new year 2021. So at this time furniture movers Auckland will be as busy as ever before and this could be the right time to book it in advance if you are looking to move houses soon.

Let’s hope this global pandemic is over sooner than later and we are all able to travel again and see our families across the world. New Zealand currently is safe and surviving the pandemic, but you never know when it could re appear in the community. So, let’s all stay united and keep fighting through bad times like this and come out stronger.

5 Tips on selling your home in Auckland

Don’t forget to do your research!

Research plays a vital part when it comes to getting your house on the market in Auckland, New Zealand as the market might have changed ever since you first bought your home. Auckland prices now are on the rise and it could be the best time to sell your property now.

It’s a great bonus to have knowledge of the area you live in and even if you don’t then do not forget to go to open homes in your area to get a good idea of what the houses are selling for in the market. If you have real estate agent in mind, then they can also provide you with this information and do an appraisal for your property.

For a start check out homes.co.nz to get an idea of properties up for sale or have been sold in and around your neighbourhood. Keep in mind to look for houses similar to yours for a better understanding of the prices in the market.


Attraction is key

First impression could be the last impression and the buyers will judge your property by the first look from the road. If it attracts the buyer from the house front, then it surely will make them interested to come check out the rest of the property.

Focus on making your house front the most attractive and grab your buyer’s attention.

Here are a few tips on making your house more attractive.

  • Mow your lawns top notch
  • Water blast your front of the house, fence and the driveway
  • Ensure your roof look nice and clean
  • Plant some beautiful flowers in the front
  • Paint the house if needed

Once your potential buyer is interested, they will make there way in like bees attracted to honey.


Making your buyers feel like they’re at home

Before you have your open homes, it’s the best opportunity to declutter and give your house a good clean. Try storing all your unwanted items in a self-storage, so that you can showcase the space in your home and make it look big.

If your renting out and have the house empty for viewings then make sure to get some house staging people to come in and stage your house, which in todays market helps get a better return on your property. It doesn’t cost much but reaps in great profit.

Few tips below for a general clean up on the inside of your property

  • Clean the whole house from walls, skirting’s, roofs, and every little corner you find dirt
  • Carpet to be looking spotless if you have one or any flooring
  • Kitchen, bathroom and toilets to be tidy and smelling fresh
  • Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes


Want to make good profit on your house?

Doing a bit of renovation in todays market can also help you attract more buyers and get a good return on your property. Mostly every house on the market now days has been renovated especially if it is an old property.

Renovation cost will depend on how much you are wanting to renovate. Roughly about $30K renovation budget can have your house looking as good as brand new. You could also do a bit of renovation yourself if able to and save on cost.

Get your repairs done before the property goes on market and invest a little to get a greater profit.


Presentation matters

Remove all your personal belongings from the house and make it look like a show home, so that buyers don’t feel put off by coming across your family pictures or other personal stuff. The house should be professionally decorated and set up for viewing purposes.

Check out houzz for a list of home stylists and property staging companies to help stage your home.

For all your furniture moving requirements get in touch with your local furniture movers Auckland company.

Happy moving everyone J

3 important things to consider when building your new home

When it comes to building your own home that you have dreamed of and saved up for, it takes great planning and timing. One most important tip is to calculate your numbers and make up a budget that involves minimum risk, which will avoid any down sides if any come up during the build.

This blog will cover some of the most important things you will need to keep in mind when you think about building your own home. Once your building stage is complete then get in touch with your local furniture movers in Auckland for all your furniture removals needs.

#1 – Plan your budget

First thing is first of course, and you cannot start building without having a budget calculated. So, start your calculation and put together the cost you think it will take to build your new home. Keep in mind that you might not be able to cover all the costs when you do run some numbers.

To cover the costs, you may miss, you will need to have set aside a spare budget or available cash that will be needed to help keeping the project going. This is important because once you have a project running you do not want it to stop, as the cost for it to stop and re-arrange things is much higher than you would have planned.

Finally, if it does all go to plan then you will have this extra budget set a side that you could use for other important things. Take a look at this building guide for a rough estimate of costs when building in NZ.

#2 – Select the right builder

Selecting the right builder to build your dream home is very important as this is one of the factors where plans fail due to the relationship downfalls with the builder. So be very careful and do some research if you do not have a builder that you can trust.

Have multiple tenders ensuring each builder can justify the costs they have provided. Have face to face meetings with the builder to know that you can fully trust and feel comfortable with him/her. They need to be asking the right questions in order to understand you and your needs.

Then once you are comfortable select the right build plan ensuring that you are not just going for the cheapest one just because it is cheap. Do not compromise quality and build with having reselling value in mind in case you end up not liking the house you built, and it does not fit your needs.

#3 – Cut some costs with DIY

If you are good at DIY, then it is worth while looking at some of the costs you can drop. Some things you may not be able to do yourself as they require sign offs by engineers and things need to be certified.

DIY can help you significantly if towards the end of your build you are starting to run very low on your budget and this does happen quite a lot. So, things like carrying out the paint work and building the deck can be part of your DIY.

These are only some of the things to be taken into consideration when building a new home, of course a lot more is involved, and it is a complex project. Before you commit you need to be sure that you can carry out the project till the very end. Plan and choose wisely.

Lastly, stay safe during this level 3 Covid-19 lockdown in Auckland and when your build is over do not forget to choose the very best furniture movers in Auckland to help with your move.

Happy moving everyone 😊