Your ultimate guide for unpacking in your new home

So, you have moved to your new home and are ready to settle in. But there is still one last job of unpacking everything before you sit back and relax. Let us give you the ultimate guide to unpacking in your new home, so you can get back to your everyday life.

Firstly, congratulations on the new property you have moved into. It is a combination of excitement and stress when moving to a new home. The moving process is stressful but your excitement for the new home is what drives you to go ahead. Leaving old memories behind and time for you to create new ones in the new home and location.

See below your ultimate guide for unpacking in your new home.

Ensure your essentials are running

Before you start unpacking your things make sure to check that your power, water, and internet in the new house are running. Sorting out your essentials prior to your move is very important as it can cause delays later.

Vacuum and clean the house before placing furniture

Clean your house even if it is new to ensure once your furniture is placed you don’t have to move it again and again to clean underneath. Placing big furniture such as fridge, sofas, beds, draws etc should be done first before packed boxes are brought in. You could also for the rooms unpack the boxes first to hang your clothes in the cupboard before you place the bed, but this can be done with the bed placed.

Sort out your packed boxes and furniture

If not done already then, your first step towards unpacking should be to organise the packed boxes and furniture according to the rooms it should be in. This is where labelling the boxes and furniture comes in handy when you are packing stuff away.

If your boxes are labelled then place them in the correct order in the given rooms, kitchen, and bathroom. But if you did not label them than you are in for a bit of extra work as you will need to open up the boxes to see which stuff belongs where.

Begin unpacking your boxes

Once all your packed boxes are in the correct rooms you can start unpacking room by room. To help speed up things make sure to get the kids involved as they can unpack their own boxes. As you finish a room make sure to declutter all the rubbish on the go and you will have less work in the end.

Kitchen boxes should be handled and unpacked carefully as there can be a lot of heavy or fragile items. You could choose to do the kitchen first thing as it can be essential to get food on the table during lunch or afternoon. But mostly when people are moving to new house and unpacking, they tend to order from outside to free up time. Which is a very good idea.

Clear up all the left-over rubbish from unpacking

If you haven’t cleared all the rubbish as you unpacked each room, then do it once you are finished with the unpacking. Once rubbish is clear then you can vacuum if needed or clean surfaces if dirty.

Finally sit back relax and enjoy

You are all done now, and it is time for you to sit back relax and enjoy. That’s it you are now settled in your new home and ready to make new memories.

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