5 Ideas on decorating your living room this Christmas

Season’s Greetings.

Christmas is all about charm. We all love this time of year to get together and celebrate with our loved ones. The living room is the most important room in your home to focus your decorating ideas on and it is the core of your home when it comes to holidays gathering with families and friends.

You can decorate starting from your fireplace, mantel, windows and walls. Here are some amazing ideas to help you get started.

  1. Reuse old ornaments

Before you delve in, firstly collect all the ornaments from the past years and make up a budget for the new decorations this Christmas. You can reuse old items easily by mixing neutral and natural decorations with any type of metal things e.g. balls, candlesticks, stars etc.

Also, you can re-purpose your old ornaments by adding to Christmas tree, wreath, garland etc. according to your theme.

The trick is to highlight your neutral and natural decorations with contrasting background and by arranging them in a graceful way. The reuse of your decorations will not only save you money, it will also reduce environmental impacts of waste production.

  1. Traditional colours

Red, green & white make a beautiful combination for Christmas and be always in style. You can hang red & white stockings to the mantel as well as hanging wreath and paintings on walls which represents winter.

You can decorate your entrance table and doors with green garland and red flowers. Christmas tree can be garnish with bells, red, gold & silver balls and sparkling lights.

  1. The Christmas Tree

Living room is the area chosen by most of the people to display their Christmas tree. Always select the size of the Christmas tree according to your living room space and ceiling height first and then start decorations.

The Christmas tree is pine or fir evergreen tree. Your Christmas tree for decorations can be potted or artificial, it is all up to you.

The Christmas tree can be decorated by using lights, garlands and ornaments such as red and metallic golden balls that will truly glitter with every reflection of light. If you are creative and have enough time you can make handmade ornaments. A nice tree topper for example a star or a bow can be great idea for decoration.

  1. Mantel and fireplace

The fireplace and the mantel are the focus points to decorate after Christmas tree. People enjoy spending quality time with family and friends by the fireplace. You can store your gifts on top of the mantel until Christmas eve.

To give your living room more festive feel you can decorate your mantel and fireplace by picking a perfect theme. You can keep it classic with few red or white colour stockings, garland of bottle brush tree and by placing some candlesticks on the top.

A beautiful DIY garland made from combination of faux green garland, plaid ribbon and lights could be displayed around the fireplace.

  1. Coffee table

You don’t have to do much decorations on your coffee table to make an impact, a simple decoration on it can show the scene perfectly. An elegant candle holder and a small Christmas tree with some twinkling lights can be displayed to feel the festive.

This Christmas will surely be a special one as we are experiencing a global pandemic. New Zealand is very lucky to have eliminated the virus from the community and we are now able to enjoy with our friends and family.

Hopefully the ideas above can help and if any furniture moving help is required then don’t forget to get in touch with the best moving company Auckland. Merry Christmas everyone.