6 Tips to find cheap movers in Auckland

Auckland is still in level 4 lockdown and unfortunately, we are not able to operate at this level. We are patiently waiting for the decision of Auckland going into level 3, so that we can help our fellow kiwis move again. To our clients – Thank you for your patience.

If you are thinking about house moving, the first question will come to your mind is- how much the upcoming house move will cost you? Most of us are familiar that moving house is an expensive affair. You can save money by choosing cheap and reliable moving company if you follow these simple tips mentioned below-

Start research in advance

Start your research on search engines as soon as possible to select cheap and quality movers that will provide the services you need at reasonable price. The good, reliable moving companies will be in great demand in the moving season.

The ideal time of research is a few months before the actual moving date because more time will give you more choices. You may be able to get some discount for early bookings, so you can save your money.

Personal recommendations from your Known

When you are looking for cheap moving companies the main issue is that you just don’t know which company will be reliable and affordable. Always ask your friend circle, neighbors, co-workers, relatives first if the know any good moving company with reasonable moving rates.

If someone recommend any moving company, be sure to ask details of the company they used and what was their overall experience regarding the affordability and quality of the services provided by the company.

Call movers in home for price estimate

Call movers home for the price estimate, avoid trusting price estimates received over the phone or via e-mail because the price estimates received over the phone cannot be accurate and can extend your moving costs later.

Request for in home surveys for price estimates from the top affordable and reliable companies, so you can share your needs with the company representative more clearly. Also, the company representative can at any potentially difficult situations or dangers such as long flight of stairs and tight corridors etc.

Compare moving estimates

The comparison of moving estimates starts by analyzing all moving company quotes you have received. The most important aspect when you review all the quotes from all the moving companies in Auckland is to be extra cautious with offers with costs that are way low.

Always analyze the low prices by contacting the movers. Choose a best moving company offering you an affordable moving rate with quality services.

Read customer reviews

If you don’t get any recommendations from your friends or relatives, then the best way is to do research and access customer reviews by reading and analyzing them. Generally moving companies’ reviews come in the form of overall performance rating left by customers.

Basically, browsing the reviews will help you to find the balance between affordability and quality of the moving services provided by the moving company.

But be aware of fake reviews of some moving companies and look at for reviews posted at the same time stamp or similar writing style to find if reviews are genuine or not.

Know the average moving cost

Having a realistic idea of how much things are going to cost helps you to calculate average moving costs and plan your budget in advance. the average moving costs also depend on the extra services you choose to get from the moving company.

If you are familiar with the average moving cost, then finding cheap movers in Auckland that are reliable is not a big issue for you.