5 tips for packing electronics while moving

During the house moving process, right packaging for our electronics is most important to protect them from any damage. As most of us have number of electronics (computers, video games, televisions etc.) to pack when we are moving. There are 5 best tips mentioned below can help you to move your electronics safely.

Detach wires and accessories

Always remember to detach all the wires and accessories before packaging. Although it is time consuming to detach everything, but by doing so you are avoiding metal to metal contact. Metal to metal contact can cause problems to your device.

After detaching everything including cords and batteries, nicely label them so you know which cord belongs to which device. Do not forget to take photos of how the cords are connected to their devices for easy reassembling later.

Pack electronics in a climate-controlled environment

Packing of electronic devices is safest when stored in climate-controlled environment because most of the electronic devices are highly sensitive to temperature extremes. If the device being stored, keep it in an even temperature area.

Extreme cold conditions can cause metal parts to contract, weakening soldered components. Also, heat can damage electronic devices because metal parts expand in hot weather and they put stress on soldered connections.

Use suitable wrapping material

Always use suitable wrapping material to wrap your electronic devices. Use bubble wrap for large items, you can add two or three layers of bubble wrap to protect the large fragile items. To protect screens from damage you can cover these well with padded moving blankets.

To provide support you can store the screens against the walls. Never store them flat or stack anything on the screen as pressure can permanently damage the screens. Never use newspapers to pack your screens because newsprint can get onto the screen and can scratch the screens.

Use original boxes if possible

Use the original packaging if it is available because it the best practice to repack them in the original packaging. The original boxes will have pre shaped protective material, so these are ideal for storing your items during the move.

If you don’t have the original boxes either you can request a “return kit” from your manufacturer or you can get an appropriate box from your moving company. An inadequate box may cause damage to your electronic device.

Label boxes clearly

After packing your electronics and their corresponding cords in appropriate boxes, make sure clearly label all the boxes. Write for fragile items as “Fragile” as also write “This side up” on the boxes to prevent them from being crushed.

For long term storage, consider adding a picture of item which is in the moving boxes to keep things more organised.

You can follow these steps and save your valuable electronics. If you are still nervous about packing your electronics on your own, you can search for Best movers Auckland. Because the professionals from moving companies can evaluate your electronics and pack them safely.

Happy (Electronic) moving everyone!