5 best hacks for packing shoes while moving

Shoes packing during the house moving process is a challenging task. With the little organization and right techniques your shoes will arrive at your new home in an excellent condition. Here are few hacks that you need to follow to move your shoes safely-

Organize and donate

It is a good idea to start the shoes packing process with a shoe inspection. So go through all the pairs of shoes that you have. Sort your shoes making two piles- donate and keep. Keep all those shoes that you really like wearing.

If you have plenty of shoes in your closet that you haven’t worn for years and they are in good condition, then it is a good time to donate those shoes. You can drop them off at a local goodwill or other charitable organization that might have a use for them.

Sort shoes

Once you have narrowed down your shoe collection to the shoes that you really like to wear, the next step is to sort them out properly. To pack yours shoes in an efficient way you should group your shoes by style such as – dress, athletic, leather and seasonal.

Sorting is important because different designs and materials used in shoe making have different needs when it comes to packing paper and moving. Sorting will make it much easier to pack your shoes more efficiently.

Clean and repair

Always clean your shoes before packing. Packing them clean helps to prolong their life. You can freshen up your shoes before packing by using baking soda as it eliminates odours. You can pack tea bags in the shoe boxes to eliminate odours.

Clean sneakers and synthetic shoes with mild soap and water or other shoe cleaning product that you like. Drop off any shoes that need to be repaired in time from moving day. Make sure shoes are completely dry before packing.

Use small boxes for packing

To prevent damage pack shoes in small boxes, stuff with socks or packing paper. Always use clean packing paper instead of newspaper which can leave smudges.

Pack your favourite shoes by wrapping each one in paper. In this way your shoes will remain protected. You can tie laces of the sneakers to keep pairs intact. If you are packing more than one shoe pair in a box, then try to keep heavier ones at the bottom.

Store seasonal shoes

To save your time in unpacking your shoes when you will arrive at your new home, always pack the shoes according to season in two different boxes. Mark the boxes clearly mentioning the season on it.

For example, if you are moving your house in the summer, keep aside your winter shoes and pack them first. In this way they will be ready to be put away first, right after you arrive at your new home. Pack shoe boxes into larger moving boxes and label them properly.

So, these are the main tips to protect your shoes while the move and packing them efficiently. We hope these shoe packing hacks mentioned above will help to make your move quick and easy.

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