House Movers Auckland (Covid-19)

With Covid-19 amongst us, it becomes very tough for every individual and in these tough times it is important that we lookout for each other as a nation together. New Zealanders together can fight of this virus if we keep doing what the government is asking us to do.

On behalf of the furniture movers Auckland team we hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and obeying the alert level 4 rules set out by the New Zealand government. It is now looking more encouraging with the latest number of cases we are seeing here in New Zealand. If it keeps on going as it is then we are hoping we will be back to normal, but keeping in mind that we will only move down in the alert levels and abide by the rules set in that level of alert.

In times like these it is very obvious that all businesses are now shut and no one is moving around. Especially not houses and that will still be a long way away as we face this epidemic. Let’s look at it positively and take the time to catch up with our friends and family all over the world through online services available and social media now days can bring you even closer. Check up on your elders and ensure your family is doing well. In New Zealand we are very fortunate to have such a committed government to look after all of us.

Now let’s look at things you can do around the house while under lock down.

Cleaning – It is perfect time for each one of us to do our cleaning around the house. You now may have all the time in the world to focus on your house and make it look spotless. You might have also thought of re-arranging your cupboard and get out the unwanted clothing. The kids might also be bored at home doing nothing, so get them involved and they might just learn a few things from you. A clean house is always so welcoming, it can change the way we live and help bring a smile to our faces. Open up the windows and let the fresh air breeze through, wind up your blinds and let the sun bring the natural light inside.

Gardening – The garden is one area where we always say that we do not have enough time for it. No excuses now! Put on your gumboots, gloves, masks and get ready to get dirty. Well dirty for only a little while as you spark up the garden and then sit back and enjoy it. It is best to use this time wisely and keep busy! Sitting home all day can be very unhealthy, physically or mentally.

Touch ups – The little things you may have noticed over the times you have come home from work can now be fixed. You may not have the tools to fix everything, but you could always get a few things done with the current tool set at home. It could be as simple as tightening up the screws on the bed, touch up of paint on walls if available, replacing light bulbs, fixing the oven, etc.

Furniture movers Auckland team at The Moving Squad hopes that this epidemic is over soon and we can all get on with our normal day to day lives. Keep up the positivity and enjoy the time at home while you can. Stay safe and ensure safety of others as well.

Stay home – Wash your hands often – wear a mask when going out – Avoid sharing – cover your coughs and sneezes.

Keep your homes clean and well ventilated.

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