Back to moving houses Auckland (Alert level 2)

New Zealand is now on alert level 2 of Covid-19 and that means most businesses are now able to operate. This means that your plans of moving houses are now back on. Get back on track with your house movers in Auckland and plan your house move accordingly with the governments advice on keeping safe at alert level 2. It is not all over yet and might not be for a long time as covd-19 has made its mark on the whole world. Even though things in New Zealand seem better right now, it could all be taken away with people not following the given advice. Covid-19 has taught us a lot of things and made us realise what is important in life and never to take things for granted. People will now have a new perspective on life.

Let’s share some tips on moving houses while in level 2

Safety – The most important thing before we decide to even move is considering the safety of self and others. Keeping good hygiene practises such as having hand sanitisers, masks, gloves can prevent someone from being infected and it will work both ways as your own safety and safe for others you work around as well. Ensure the house moving company you use has these hygiene practises as part of their daily work routine. Especially when helping elderly people move who might more vulnerable to this corona virus. Always keep the 2-meter distance.

PackingPack your belongings in an easy to carry box or a sack ensuring that it is not so heavy for the person lifting it. Get extra boxes if you have to and pack them well with tape all around. Another good tip during this virus amongst us is that after you get your belongings shifted to your new house, then leave them there for at least 48 hrs before starting to unpack them. This will ensure that the virus has died out and if you are in a hurry to unpack then you could use a cleaning spray and wipe all touched surfaces and boxes down before unpacking. You could also pack the most essential things needed for the first night in a separate box and then wrap it with glad wrap that you can take of easily and unpack. Use hand sanitiser all the time. Its best to wait out 48hrs but if you are short of time then unpack safely.

Kids and Elderly – If you are moving houses with kids or elderly people then the best thing is to leave them out of the shifting house stage until everything is set up in the new house. These groups are the most vulnerable to this corona virus and it is important to keep them safe. After setting up the house ensure you clean the most touched surfaces once again before the elderly or kids arrive. Keep yourself safe as well as others around you.

House movers in Auckland are usually busy around this time of the year normally, but with this lockdown and housing market not operating the way it normally is has slowed things down. More caution needs to be taken when helping people move around and it becomes a safety issue if one individual does not comply. Most New Zealanders are looking forward to being back to somewhat normal life before this virus came to New Zealand shores. We will get there but it requires each Kiwi to play a critical part and move together as a team of 5 million.

Alert level 2 – Play it safe 

Happy moving everyone


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