6 Tips to pack clothes while moving

When you are moving into your new house, packing of each item require its own packing strategy. If you are looking for the best way to pack your clothes, there are some tips for you. These tips will help you in order to successfully move your clothes to your new home.

Organize the clothes 

Before you start your packing, assess your closet first, take a good look at your all belongings including clothes, hats, shoes, and other accessories. Pick all the clothes out and place them on the bed and organize according to season, style and cloth type.

Organization of clothes will make your packing process fast and you will find easily whatever you need. All in all it will give you a better picture of what you actually own.

Pack off season clothing ahead of time

Once all the clothes are organized, you can start the packing. It is a great time saving idea if you pack your off season clothes ahead of time because these are those clothes you are not using for next few months.

Try to pack these off season clothes in boxes and label them so you know that there is no need to open these boxes right away when you will be in your new home.

Decide what to keep

You all have such clothes those you are not wearing for ages for some reason. After taking a long hard look at your closet items, divide these clothes into three groups- keep, not sure and discard. Keep the first Keep group on one side for packing.

Discard the unused clothes. If you are still unsure to keep some clothes you can keep those clothes for packing or you can donate those clothes if they are in good condition.

Select the clothes you are wearing on the moving day

Select the clothes you will wear on the moving day and keep them aside. Make sure you have an extra clothes to wear few days before and after the move. You can put these essential clothing items in one bag or in a box.

Remember to label that box “Essentials”. This step is most important when you are packing your clothes.

Select the best packing method that you like

After sorting everything out, then it is time to pack your clothes. You have to pick the packing method according to the type of the clothes and your carrying method. There are so many ways to pack your cloths such as- cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, suitcases etc.

You can pack your non hanging clothes in boxes or wardrobe boxes by flat folding method or military roll method. You can use drawstring trash bags of garment bags for your hanging clothes to prevent the wrinkles.

Carry valuable clothes with you

Even if you are hiring professional moving company Auckland then you should take your valuable clothing with you. The clothing items with the sentimental value are priceless so take those with you in the car.

Keeping such clothing items with you at all the times will ensure that nothing happens to them.

So, clothes require most care and time when you are packing them. The organization and the right techniques are required to pack your clothing effectively. Follow these packing tips for clothes to make the process much more efficient all the way around.

Happy moving!



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