Cost factors when moving

 Over the past years The Moving Squad has made its brand awareness across New Zealand and helped thousands of New Zealanders move from A to B. It can never be easy moving houses and business in a busy city like Auckland. When moving houses/businesses across Auckland, one of the main factors is cost and the question that arises is “Will the moving be within my budget”? The Moving Squad has been around for many years and has built its trust with customers as many of them return for our services in the future.

The cost factor does take into consideration the quality of service provided by many different moving companies in Auckland and hence why our customers pick us due to the reliability and quality of our service. The costs set for different services that are provided have been researched and are within the price range, so it’s neither expensive or cheap. If you are looking for cheap movers in Auckland I suggest you look out for the quality of the service being provided.


How to pick the right company for your next move?

It totally depends on what you require from the company? Are your assets fragile, expensive, heavy etc. Take note if you are wanting to move such valuable assets then check to see if the company provides any assurance for the move to be safe and of high standards with staff being trained to move such assets with care.

Some of the moving companies in Auckland use the phrase “Cheap movers Auckland” to engage the Audience and most of us defiantly fall for the word cheap, but are the companies reliable for the damages they will encounter in the move? What these companies don’t tell you is the quality of their service and hidden traps behind the move which may end up costing you more than you actually pay for the moving on its own.


Things to consider when picking the right company for your next move!

The companies listing “Cheap Movers Auckland” are basically attracting you to the word cheap and customers get dragged in only to find out the hidden surprises that come with the word cheap! The services that these movers provide will consist of cost cutting techniques such as low-quality packing material being used, no experience with the labor being supplied and no training provided to carry out a safe and quality move. End of the day the companies want to make money and they will use such cost cutting techniques that favor in their profit.


So watch out for such companies and their tricks and ensure the company you choose will provide a high quality move that will have your assets moved with zero damages and not have you face any hidden costs. The moving company needs to assure you that it is safe with them and you can totally trust the company with your valuable assets.


Some factors to consider!

  • Can you trust the company?
  • Does the cost match up to their services?
  • Insurance?
  • Trained employees?
  • Packing services provided?
  • Reviews on the company?
  • Trustable?
  • Quality of the service?


Moving in Auckland or around the country is very stressful as you have your family to look after, your job, kids or maybe even business commitments. Do some research and then hand over your assets into a trustable hand that will take care of all your assets being moved across.

The staff at The Moving Squad is fully trained and provides high quality moving with fast and efficient transition from A to B. The team strives on providing high quality service to build trust with our customers. So, make the right decision and good luck with your future endeavors.


Happy moving everyone.

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