5 best ways to save money when building your new home

Building a new home can be a challenging task. When you are thinking to build your dream home the first step is to buy a perfect section in good location. Before building your dream home in that section, make your budget first.

You can make your home under your budget and you can save money by following these five ways that we have mentioned below:

Research the land before buying

To build a home, first of all you have to buy a section carefully under your budget. Never buy a section with steep slope because in that case you need to add more than one storey, which is more expensive than single storey build.

Before buying any site make sure you have all the necessary information that you need about the access to boundaries, utilities and consents. The building costs will significantly increase if the site is difficult to access or requires retaining walls etc.

Select a good and simple design

The design of the house plays major role in overall cost of building a house in New Zealand. Building a house in rectangle or square shape will cost less than a U shape or L shape house.

Always try to reduce unnecessary ‘ins and outs’ and angles to reduce building costs. The house with such complexities requires more cladding, specialist engineering, roof plan, time and labour so always try to select a design that is good and simple.

Hire the right builder

Finding right builder is an important part in the building process. Always do research and make sure the builder you want to hire delivers quality work. A right builder can save your money in the long run because the home repairs can be quite costly.

There are some important points that you should know before hiring a builder such as- experience of the builder, read reviews on their website, how quick they finish the building projects.

Choose the right cladding

Selection of the right cladding is important when you are thinking to build your new home. Cladding can be made up of materials such as wood, metal, vinyl, brick etc. So, try to choose cladding that requires low maintenance which will help to save your money in long term.

There are many factors to consider (like thermal efficiency, fire rating and the sustainability of the material) when you are choosing any type of cladding for your new home. The location of your house is also important to consider for e.g. If the house is exposed to high wind, in snowy or windy region.

Explore flooring options

Before you get started on your flooring project, research on different kinds of flooring options is most important to learn about their costs and benefits. Thus, you can find a right floor that fits your space and your budget both.

There are many floor types are popular in New Zealand such as wood, vinyl, tiles and carpet etc. Each floor has pros/cones and create different kind of looks so select the flooring option that matches your budget.

To save your money when you are planning to build your house, determine your budget plan as soon as possible. These tips mentioned above will help you to build your dream home under budget, without sacrificing quality.

Good luck with building your new home, another important point to be mentioned is that do not compromise the quality of your house by choosing the cheapest things, be reasonable and quality will last longer so making it cheaper in the long run anyway.

Happy moving everyone.



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