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Easy moving hacks from Auckland’s Expert Removalist

Moving house is among the top 5 most stressful life experiences. Having a great Auckland moving company can make all the difference. Here is a collection of our top moving hacks to make your next move a whole lot easier!

  • Preparation is key – Plan your move before hand – Everything from packing, labeling, unpacking and placement in your new home
  • Ensure you label every box and list some of the main items inside. To go that extra step, consider colour coordinating your boxes to match a particular room in your new home.
  • When packing, tackle one room at a time. Once that room is complete it can be removed from your thoughts
  • The better you pack the quicker it is for our team to move and reduces the risk of damage dramatically
  • Disassemble beds, desks and any other items prior to move day to reduce time significantly
  • Bin it!! It’s never easy to let things go but when you’re moving it is inevitable there will be rubbish and from experience, it’s easier to throw them away rather than pack them up and unpack them again.
  • Tape all draws up to prevent anything sliding out (Only if structurally strong enough)
  • If moving apartments, please ensure you have the lift reserved with your property manager. Padding for protecting the lifts should also be obtained from your property manager prior to the move
  • Do not polish any furniture prior to move as they can condensate when wrapped
  • If the doorways are tight on either address, please unhinge them prior to moving
  • To reduce moving time and costs, move smaller and lighter items such as boxes to your entrance or garage, keeping the fragile items separate
  • Ensure refrigerators/freezers are switched off 24-48 hours prior to move. Towel dry and wipe the interior with vanilla essence as this will help with the prevention of any odours.
  • Ensure outdoor items are washed thoroughly.
  • Allow at least 3-4 hours break before booking in carpet cleaners in case of delays.
  • If off-street parking is a difficult, pre-negotiate with your neighbours and reserve space for our truck by parking your own vehicles.
  • If your driveway access is narrow or tricky, measure it up and call us to discuss options.
  • Trim any overhanging branches and warn us about any overhanging wires at the time of booking.
  • Allow at least 24 hours if you’ve had fresh concrete on your driveway or at least 36 hours if you’ve had floors polished. Organize loads of drop-sheets if the latter is the case, to avoid scratches.
  • If items needs to be lowered over balconies, please mention this at the time of booking so we can plan ahead.
  • If paying with cash, please have it ready instead of making our team wait whilst you search for the nearest ATM. This reduces delays for our next move.
  • Last but not least – Complete a walkthrough of your old property to ensure all goods have been removed, tighten all taps, turn off water heater, check gas/electric and read any outstanding meters.


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